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7 Of The Most Dangerous Sects In The World

Over time, sects tend to designate organizations, often religious, whose beliefs or behaviors are considered obscure, disturbing or harmful by the rest of society. In this article, AfrikMag lists some of the most dangerous sects in the world.

Criteria for being called sects:

  • Hazards for the individual  :
    • mental destabilization;
    • the exorbitant nature of the financial requirements;
    • the induced break with the original environment;
    • damage to body integrity;
    • the recruitment of children;
  • Community Hazards  :
    • more or less anti-social discourse;
    • disturbances to public order;
    • the importance of judicial unrest;
    • the possible diversion of traditional economic circuits;
    • attempts at infiltration of public authorities


1. Scientology

Today, many countries call it a commercial organization. Scientologists believe that the world was created by the thetans, but they lost their memory and think they are humans. Also, after the destruction of the world, only the thetans will have the right to live. And to awaken the thetan in itself, it is necessary to follow a training in the Church of Scientology very expensive. D e many celebrities such as Tom Cruise, John Travolta and Priscilla Presley are followers.


2. The temple of the people

The People’s Temple is recognized as one of the most dangerous sects in the world. It was founded in 1955 in Indianapolis by Jim Jones. Some people who escaped said that Jones and his entourage often used physical violence and drugs to coerce people. This sect is behind one of the largest mass suicides in history. On November 18, 1978, 920 members of the People’s Temple were killed or killed by swallowing a solution of cyanide.


3. The Unification Church or the Moonists

The doctrine of the Unification Church is a mixture of the dogmas of Christianity with mysticism, shamanism and occultism, with some borrowing from Eastern religions. Sun Myung Moon, the founder, gave the women of the sect a drink containing his sperm. Then the woman had to conceive a child with any man in the community.



4. Aum Shinrikyo

This movement is recognized as a destructive, totalitarian, extremist and terrorist sect. Asahara, the founder of the sect had predicted the Apocalypse for August 1, 1999. Preparing for it, the members of the organization organized an attack in 1995 in Tokyo using sarin gas. The attack that left 12 dead and 5,000 wounded had to draw attention to Aum Shinrikyo and trigger “the final battle between Good and Evil”.

These last three secret societies are more subtle because they are presented as simple social groups with a charitable purpose or an elevation of the soul in a certain way. Also, their type of recruitment is quite subtle. In fact, they generally approach individuals who are considered very intelligent, with promising careers or equipped with extraordinary spiritual dispositions.

Means used to recruit

  • Flattery: they make their potential recruits believe that they have an extraordinary intelligence to lead other people.
  • A good action: we present to these people the fact that we want to help the world. Thus, these people seem irreproachable in public while behind the scene, they indulge in all kinds of vices: theft, murder, assassination, war, lies, sexual immorality, illicit enrichment etc.
  • Bullying: It is only by growing up in order, after making many compromises and reaching high levels that the dreadful reality is revealed. Many at this stage are no longer receding. In effect, the fear of reprisals, or the loss of social status, is established.


5. Sukyo Mahikari

According to the doctrine of this secret society, a purifying process that began in 1962 should lead to the extinction of the human race. Only followers of the organization will survive. Thus, by a participatory offering one ends up washing one’s sins. Hence the slogan:  “the more offerings we make, the more we compensate for its impurities”


6. Rose-Cross

Former followers explain the fact that there are teachings on karma, reincarnation but also the cult of the personality.


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