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7 Of The Most Beautiful African Traditional Wedding Attires!!


African weddings are unique. They are usually jolly, filled with music, family banter, food and so much fun. Another thing that makes African weddings special are the traditional wedding attires.

The outfits are made of fabrics that are usually unique to the tribe, and have some traditional meanings attached. While some ethnic groups in Africa have similar attires, there are numerous beautiful traditional wedding attires that would fill two books.

So we’ve compiled only 7 of these African traditional wedding attires.


Typical Yoruba bride and groom

The Yorubas are predominantly found in western Nigeria. The bride wears a gele (head scarf), buba (blouse), and iro ( a wrapper tied round her waist) while the groom wears an Agbada ( amulti-layered kaftan) and Fila (yoruba traditional cap). The bride and groom usually wear the same material and colors already decided on before the wedding.


zulu umabo

The Zulu people are majorly based in the KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa and among one of the most popular African tribes. Like most African weddings, An Umabo (Zulu traditional wedding) is filled with fun, music, dancing, and lots more.

The bride wears Isidwaba – leather skirt, Isicwaya to cover her chest. She also has on what is called the Inkehli which covers her head.

The groom wears, Ibheshu and Isinene worn on the lower parts. The Isembatho over his shoulders and Iklolode to cover his head.


igbo traditional wedding attires nigerian


The Igbo tribe is located in South-eastern Nigeria. The bride wears two ‘George wrappers’, a blouse and head gear all locally made while the groom wears a traditional Ibo Kaftan.


ashanti traditional wedding attire ghana

The Ashanti tribe is located in central Ghana, being the largest tribe of the west African nation. Both the bride and groom have on a Kente attire adorned with expensive beads and other jewelries.


efik traditional wedding attire nigeria

The Efiks are a minority tribe in southern Nigeria. The traditional attire is usually quite distinct and regal. The bride first wears Ofong Ukod Anwang which is a traditional crop top and knee length wrapper with decorated beads.

The  second attire is the Onyonyo (as seen in the picture above). The groom wears a white shirt and a beaded jacket with matching shoes and a hat. He wears a wrapper called the Usobo and an Okpomkpomon — along with a piece of cloth worn around the neck.


habesha traditional wedding attires

The Habeshas are located in the highlands of Eritrea and Ethiopia. The bride wears a beautiful cornrow design called the Albaso hairstyle. The groom usually  has on an all-white Kaftan and they both have adorned capes called the Kaba.


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