7 natural supplements for anxiety

Anxiety is an inherent part of modern life. People feel stress over work, health, money, family and pretty nearly everything else. While a small dose of daily stress can be useful as it provides motivation to press forward and meet goals, it is not natural to be in a constant state of anxiety. Living with distress as a normal part of life is detrimental to all aspects of health.

That’s why an increasing number of people are seeking cures for anxiety. Frequently, this means an appointment with a doctor who can prescribe an anti anxiety medication. The trouble is that many of these pills come with side effects that are nearly as distressing as the anxiety. Moreover, many of these prescriptions can be habit forming or may interact harmfully with other medications.

The need to find effective natural supplements for anxiety is greater than ever. A natural remedy for anxiety comes without the fear of dependence. Most of these anti anxiety supplements also do not cause harmful side effects. In fact, many natural cures for anxiety are known to have other positive attributes as well.

Best of all, these natural cures for anxiety actually work. You can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re doing something that’s good for your mind and body when you rely on a natural treatment for anxiety.

1. Kava Root

As a natural medicine for anxiety, many people swear by kava root. It promotes a feeling of general relaxation and is safe to use in accepted forms. A few years ago, kava root got a bad reputation as scientists suggested that it might cause liver damage. These findings have largely been debunked now, but it’s still important to use kava root only as instructed.

The results of the earlier studies were thought to have been skewed by heavy alcohol users who were already at greater risk for liver damage. Furthermore, it is believed that kava root interacts negatively with alcohol. Accordingly, if you choose kava root as a natural remedy for anxiety, it’s probably best to steer clear of alcohol altogether.

Use of kava root is associated with muscle relaxation, improved cognitive ability and mild sedation. In other words, it does everything that an anti anxiety remedy could be expected to do. Traditionally kava root is consumed in tea, a practice which is still widely used in its native Pacific Islands and elsewhere.

Today kava root is more frequently consumed in pill form. Several varieties are on the market, including this well reviewed one. As with all natural supplements, it’s important to realize that each substance may affect the user differently, so some experimentation may be in order.

2. Valerian Root

Valerian RootThis is another natural treatment for anxiety upon which users have relied for centuries. Many people recognize valerian as a supplement that eases insomnia, but it can also help to relax those suffering from anxiety. Once again, it’s never a good idea to mix valerian use with alcohol as this can prove dangerous.

Because valerian root doesn’t have a particularly nice smell, most people don’t take it as a tea. Try it in pill form instead, such as this product. Because of its sedative effect, most people take it before bed. However, some people find that they can take it during the day to help manage anxiety. Individual users must experiment to determine what works for them.

3. Chamomile

ChamomileSipping a cup of chamomile tea is a gentle, effective way to ease anxiety. Natural supplements for anxiety generally haven’t been scientifically tested to a great degree, and this can also be said of chamomile. Nonetheless, people have used chamomile for centuries as a natural remedy for anxiety without suffering any adverse side effects.


People who would rather not drink tea can find chamomile in pill form here. Chamomile has also been known to ease digestion issues and have a positive effect on insomnia. Overall, chamomile is a safe and effective choice for many people.

4. Green Tea

Green TeaMuch has been said about the healthful effects of green tea in the media in recent years. Green tea packs a nutritional punch, helps burn fat and boasts antioxidants that may fight cancer. Moreover, green tea has L-theanine, an amino acid that helps to steady the blood pressure and the heart rate. This makes green tea one of the best natural cures for anxiety.

Unfortunately, you’d probably have to drink a lot of tea to feel the effects. Try an L-theanine supplement like this instead. It provides a more potent dose and won’t leave you feeling drowsy.

5. Lemon Balm

Lemon BalmThis plant has been used since at least the Middle Ages as a natural treatment for anxiety. Sometimes also called Melissa officinalis, this herb eases stress and anxiety. It is sometimes combined with chamomile and valerian in a tea or pill form.

Lemon balm may also be an effective natural remedy for digestive issues, pain and headaches, all of which can be associated with ongoing anxiety. It is commonly found in capsule form, such as this product, and also as an extract which can be taken alone or mixed into tea or another beverage.

6. Passionflower

PassionflowerAlthough its name seems to promise excitement, taking this natural medicine for anxiety actually has the opposite effect. People who are nervous, restless or anxious have all felt the calming effects of passionflower. The plant is native to Peru, but its influence has spread across the world.

Some users experience sleepiness or drowsiness when taking passionflower, while others merely feel a calming effect. It’s probably best to try this in the evening before trying it in the midst of a busy day to see how it affects you. Find this supplement in pill form here.

7. Lavender

LavenderMost people looking for anti anxiety supplements already know that the lavender plant smells heavenly. What people don’t know is that the flower and its oil can both be effective natural remedies for anxiety. Studies using lavender have been conducted around the world, showing that people feel less anxious in stressful situations after inhaling lavender.

Many people utilize a lavender essential oil product like this to add to bathwater or bedclothes to bring about a calming effect. However, there are also soft gel supplements that are non-drowsy and produce a relaxing sensation.

As with any supplements, it’s important to use these anti anxiety remedies with caution and in accordance with instructions. It’s generally not a good idea to mix several of these supplements unless they are packaged together as a single product. Attempting to combine too many of these relaxing supplements can actually have the opposite effect.

If you are taking any prescription medications, it may be worthwhile to consult with your doctor before beginning any of these supplements so you can rule out any potentially harmful drug interactions.

You may feel as if anxiety is running your life, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With the help of these natural anxiety remedies, you can begin to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle that isn’t driven by constant stress.



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