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7 Inedible Things We All Have Already Eaten!! Everyone is guilty of #5

Without saying a word, am sure the photo above would have passed the message across to you already. Majority of us, old and young are guilty of this, eating up the tips of our pens most times when trying to remember some forgotten stuff and you’re there cracking your brain, one wouldn’t know when he/she will start chewing the tips of the pen. This is a bad habit that needs to be stopped.


In secret or with the knowledge of all, we have all already eaten prohibited or inedible things. The drama is that some people even in adulthood continue. Really, stop!

1- Chalk


I never understood what is attractive in this stuff but frankly, little ones, we ate. Personally, I used to make the powder that I aspired in sheets of paper. What a crazy one!

The chalk


2- The gum


I remember, one of the most beautiful things in our school kit was the gum. Colored with a fruit smell, it made you want. The guilty ones raise your fingers.



3- The soap


There are always “alien” men who eat soap. You certainly know that. What can we find? My cousin, in any case, spent more than 30 minutes in the shower. Despite the warnings, she had to stop with her first child.




4- Kaolin


Very few people managed to resist this smoky stone with an intoxicating odor. If you’ve been to a girl’s school (especially Mamie Fatai in Bingerville), you know what I’m talking about! I had to do a cure of detox. Pregnant women are the most guilty.



5- The tips of pens

It’s so nice to chew! When it is not the hood which serves as a cotton stem, it is because it is chewed in the full duty of mathematics.


6- The pot of glue


Well, it looks a bit like yogurt, otherwise I have no explanation for it.


7- The powder


Just like kaolin and gum, it smells good and you want to taste. And in addition it is not bad at the palate … Anything.



When I think about it, some of us are God who kept us …


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