7 Facts On How Hair Impacts Our Lives And The No. 3 Will Shock You….

Can your hair talk? Well, if you let it, the strands are capable of uncovering some interesting information about you! Find out what it is.

black woman hair

Scientists have studied people with different types and color of it. Here is what they have discovered. Your hair can affect your life, your love and even your level of income.

1. People whose wig is a well-tended one are more likely to have higher grades at school then the rest of us.

2. Women with blonde hair find more favor with men, and they can be richer than their dark hair counterparts.

3. Ladies who get rid of the hair in their private parts have a better sexual life and perform better in bed.


4. When you dye your hair, you not only look young but actually stay younger by your physical condition!

colorful hair

5. Men with beards are deemed to be more sociable than those wearing mustaches.

6. If a man shaves his head, be looks both smarter and tougher.

bald man

7. Women like men with hairy growth on their chest.

These facts can alter your life for better or for worse. Knowing them can be very useful!


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