7 Everyday Objects That You Probably Do Not Know The Utility!!


Some details about objects that we use on a daily basis escapes us. Indeed, one asks questions but one does not really know the usefulness. AfrikMag raises a corner of doubt about these objects.


1.The clips in the jeans pockets

At first, jeans were resistant garments made for miners or gold seekers. Then, a problem appeared: the pockets did not support the weight of the nuggets and the tools, tearing at the seams. So, we invented these clips.


2.The hole in the padlock

This hole is the one through which the water that enters the padlock is evacuated on rainy days. If it were not there, the mechanism would be rusty. This hole also serves to lubricate the padlock.


3.The small square under the phone battery

It is actually a moisture indicator. It often turns orange or red etc, in case water is returned to the phone.



4. Scratches on the F and J keys on a computer keyboard


These stripes serve as a reference. In fact, when you touch the keyboard with ten fingers without looking, the indexes are on these keys.


5. The hollows at the bottom of wine bottles

One of the explanations is the following: With the years, a kind of residue occurs in the wine. These deposits gather precisely around this cavity and they stay there when the wine is served.


6.The hole and teeth at the end of the tape measure

  • The hole is used to hang the tape measure at a nail in order to be able to measure the distance.
  • The teeth will be used to make a trace when you take measurements and you do not have a pencil at hand.


7.The arrow on the fuel gauge798010-42248055-01-0-1476363981-1476363985-650-3-1488295420-650-0ce40e112c-1489051121

It was invented by car manufacturers to determine which side the fuel tank is on.


Written by How Africa

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