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7 Creepy Things African Men Do When They Like A Girl – Especially #2


Have you ever wondered why that cute girl you meet in town stopped responding to yourWhatsApp messages?

It didn’t stop there, she went ahead and blocked you on Facebook, oh! It was not your smell, but you certainly scared the bejesus out of her!

We live in a conservative society in Africa so men always have to thread cautiously when it comes to wooing a female. Some guys also make it hard for our women to differentiate between being romantic and down right are-you-alright-creepiness.

Here is a list of things African guys need to put a stop to asap if you want to win lady’s heart for good.

1. Cyber-stalking.

Put yourself in the girls shoes. Would you want to receive countless notifications on social media from someone you just met? You like and comment on every one of her pictures. That will shoot anyone’s creepiness alert through the roof. STOP IT!

creepy Things Ghanaian Guys Do When They Like A Girl

2. The marriage conversation too soon.

We just found out about each of our first names, and you are already on the marriage path? It’s nice to have that end goal in mind and you may very well be her soul-mate but it will take time for her to feel that way about you. Don’t turn her off too soon with the marriage talk.

3. Bragging about money.

It’s nice to know you can provide for her financially – thats a job well done on your part. Just understand that she is not going to like you back because of your money. In case you missed the memo, the ‘miss independent’ movement is alive and kicking in Ghana. Constantly talking about how much money you have will only turn you into ‘Mr. Otua’ if any good comes out of your interactions.


4. Endless WhatsApping.

You have passed the first obstacle of securing her number. That does not grant you a minute-by-minute update of her life. She can live and be just fine without a ‘good morning’ or ‘good night’ text from you. It’s OK to engage in small talk but being pushy and demanding that she responds to you, you are only driving her away chaley.

creepy Things Ghanaian Guys Do When They Like A Girl

5. Bragging about past relationship.

You have dated 6 girls and had sex with another 10, okay but how is this information useful to a girl you just met? It only means that you have commitment issues so why will she want to commit to such a person? Just zip it!

creepy Things Ghanaian Guys Do When They Like A Girl

6. Buying her unnecessary gifts.

Money can’t buy you her heart or approval, so do me a favor and save your money or find a good long-term investment than throwing yours down the gutter.

creepy Things Ghanaian Guys Do When They Like A Girl

7 . The sex talk.

You might want to slow down there buddy. Fusing sex into the conversation is way too soon, and quickly raise red flags. You have to at least wait until the relationship progresses into the comfy level.

creepy Things Ghanaian Guys Do When They Like A Girl


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