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63 Zimbabwe Men Opt For Vasectomies

A total of 63 men underwent vasectomies in Zimbabwe last year, an increase from 37 in 2016, statistics show.

Vasectomy is a permanent family planning method that involves the surgical sealing of the male organ to prevent sperm from entering the urethra.

According to the Population Services Zimbabwe, the procedure, one of the most effective family planning methods, still has low uptake in Zimbabwe due to myths and misconceptions.

Speaking during a family planning advocacy meeting in Kadoma, PSZ clinical services and quality director Dr Raymond Chikowore urged men to embrace the procedure which has less adverse effects compared to other methods that women are accessing in Zimbabwe.

“In 2017 we conducted 63 vasectomies up from 37 in 2016. For 2015 we only had 19 men who accessed the method while we recorded 26 in 2014,” said Dr Chikowore.


According to PSZ, the common myths and misconceptions around vasectomy are not factual and some state that a man cannot ejaculate after the procedure.

“Semen does not consist of sperm only as there are other fluids that come from different glands in the male reproductive system. The male who goes through vasectomy continues to produce semen minus the seed, so it means ejaculation continues to take place hence the pleasure remains the same,” he added.

Dr Chikowore also said vasectomy does not reduce sexual pleasure or libido and does not equal to castration.

“I encourage men to come forward and do this for their women because there are so many methods that women have as options which are more expensive and sometimes present some challenges.”

There are approximately 310 000 unintended pregnancies in Zimbabwe each year.


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