Over 600 million Africans Now Have Lights Thanks To The American Rapper Akon

The famous rapper and singer Akon (Aliaune Damala Badara Thiam.. yeah.. that’s his real name) in 2014 decided to give filling dance floors a break in favor of bringing solar energy to people living in rural Africa. The idea came when the researches showed that the continent averages 320 days of sunshine a year.


So why not use this advantage?

There are just so many people in Africa still living in darkness while the world fights over who has more followers on Instagram. It’s insane.

Akon has decided to seriously diversify and set up charity “Akon Lighting Africa” in 2014 which now has finally flourished.

A wide range of quality solar solutions, including street lamps, domestic and individual kits, have been installed in 14 African countries.

As a result, a number of households, villages, community houses, schools and health centres located in rural areas have been connected to electricity for the first time ever.


Local jobs, primarily for young people, have also been created in these communities, whether for installation of equipment’s or for maintenance.

So, now over 600 Million people can live in the light like the rest of the world thanks to Akon.
600 Million Africans Now Have Electricity Because of Akon

Solar energy is the future of The World. This renewable energy is around us every day. Each day we do not use this energy we waste a great chance for cleaner world.


“Electricity is more than light. This is a true change in our daily life” – A mother, Yelimané, village, Mali

“Thanks to solar electricity we can now forget about kerosene, that is harmful and so expensive” – Inhabitant, Thiambokh Village, Senegal

“Now I can recharge my phone at home, I do not have to walk for hours or to pay for that” – Inhabitant, Village, Niger

We can truly make a GREAT difference if we use our minds for helping others from time to time. It is WE who make the world better or worse.



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