60% of the 300 Million Speakers of French Language Live in Africa – Study Reveals

French, today considered as the 5th language in the world after Chinese, English, Spanish and Arabic, is spoken by 300 million speakers, thus recording since 2014 a progression of 10% at the scale planetary and 17% in Africa, continent where the language of Molière remains the most used, reports a statement of the International Organization of the Francophonie (OIF).

Citing a study by the Observatory of the French language, the OIF whose 17 th  summit opens tomorrow Thursday in Yerevan in Armenia, noted that “nearly 60%” of Francophones with “everyday use of the French language ( …) reside in Africa “.


Moreover, French is the “second most learned foreign language” with 8% more students and students worldwide, adds the study of the body of the OIF before noting that the language of Molière is “an ally of development (…) from a macroeconomic point of view (where) the sharing of the French language promotes exchanges between the countries of the French-speaking world (+ 18% on average), especially in the field cultural goods (+ 153%) “.

“Inescapable in the media and on the web”, French is the “4 th  language for the Internet, all-purpose” and it sits in the programs of some channels like TV5MONDE which is present in 360 million homes and more than 200 countries , notes the study.

“French is also the language of the media such as the European channels Euronews and BBC News or the Chinese channel CGTN and Russian RT in particular,” said OIF Observatory whose mission is to collect and analyze data on the situation of French by country, by sector of activity and in international organizations.

Administratively, the OIF whose 17 th  summit is planned over two days should know shortly before the closure of its work a new Secretary General in the person of the Rwandan Minister of Foreign Affairs, Louise Mushikiwabo, well party to replace the Canadian , Michaëlle Jean.

In office since 1 st  January 2015 it lost the support of his country, unlike his challenger who, besides the support of Francophone Africa, supported by France, the Francophonie main funder. reports apa


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