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6 Young African Entrepreneurs That You ‘Must’ Know About

These entrepreneurs from all over Africa have understood the importance of entrepreneurship in the development of their continent and in improving the living conditions of their communities. The voice of an innovative, passionate and determined young people, they contribute effectively to shaping the Africa of tomorrow.

1- Fabrice Alomo

At the age of 24, fabrice Alomo is one of the most promising entrepreneurs in Africa. He is the founder of the start-up MyAconnect, a web platform that aims to promote trade in Africa. In 2015, he won the 1st Prize for Entrepreneurship at the Anzisha Prize 2015, which allowed him to pocket 15,000 dollars.

fabrice alomo

Fabrice Alomo, MyAConnect

2- Mabel Sugo

Mabel Sugo is a 23-year-old social entrepreneur. Originally from Ghana, Mabel is the founder and initiator of “Ecoshoes”, a project to provide employment for people with disabilities. His company confesses shoes based on recycled tires and textiles. Through his work with Ecoshoes Mabel Sugo was awarded the second prize for entrepreneurship at the Anzisha Prize 2015 as well as the sum of $ 12,000.

Mabel Sugo

Mabel Sugo

3- Daniel mukisa

Daniel Mukisa is the co-founder of “Transporter corporation” a fast delivery service (by motorcycle taxi) to the Ugandan capital, Kampala. The initiative of this young 23-year-old student aims to address the problem of the poor quality of road infrastructure in his country and at the same time offer an effective service of Ecommerce to the population.


Daniel mukisa

Daniel mukisa, transporting

4- Chantal Butare

Chantal Butare is a young Rwandan woman who is passionate about the empowerment of women, especially the rural woman of Rwanda. In 2012, the 23-year-old entrepreneur launched the KIDACO (Kinazi Diary Cooperative) cooperative to offer markets to cow owners who had trouble selling their milk stock. Its initiative serves more than 3000 breeders and supplies the markets of Rwnada and Burundi.

Chantal Butare

5- Farai Munjoma

Farai Munjoma is a young Zimbabwean who created the free online training platform “Shasha iseminar”. The site offers students of Zimbabwe, a free online library, study notes, past exam papers, as well as professional advice. A portion of the revenues generated by the service contributes to financing the costs of studying students from disadvantaged families.

Farai Munjoma

6- Winifred Selby

Winifred Selby is the initiator of the green project “Ghana Bamboo Bikes”. In 2009 when she was just 15 years old, this young Ghanaian co-founded, with school girlfriends (Kwame Kyei and Bernice Dapaah), an affordable bamboo bike factory for her community. The Winfred Selby company  employs more than 35 girls and earns about $ 10,000 a month.

Winifred Selby

Winifred Selby- Ghana Bamboo Bike



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