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6-Year-Old Ava Rogers Celebrated Every Day of Black History Month By Tributing an Icon

6-year-old Ava Noelle Rogers and her mom, Chauncia Boyd Rogers, used Black History Month to celebrate Black women icons in an inspiring photo series. This is their second year doing a photo project together.

“It was important for me to complete another set of pictures with my daughter because of the life lessons and edification that stem from seeing and learning about other black women,” Chauncia, a freelance writer and editor, told For Harriet.

Last year’s series included well-known faces like Angela Davis, Michelle Obama, and Oprah. This year, they’ve included some lesser-known but equally groundbreaking women. Representing a variety of career fields was important for Rogers.

“I wanted to include doctors, lawyers, educators, scholars, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, activists, etc,” she said. “I think it’s important for Ava to see representation in multiple fields.”

The innovative way to teach history seems to be working. Chauncia says Ava is now able to connect the women she’s portrayed to the world around her.
“Ava’s always comments something like, ‘I know her!’ or ‘I did her!’ when she sees Michelle Obama,” says Rogers.
Their work together is a testament to the power of images. Parents play a key role in shaping the world for their kids, and Ava’s off to a fantastic start. Chauncia says, “I wanted Ava to learn that there are women who look like her that have accomplished great things. And because they have paved the way, her dreams can be realities.”

Rosemary R. Cloud
Faith Ringgold
Pauli Murray
Toni Braxton
Sadie Tanner Mossell Alexander
Gwendolyn Brooks
Annie Turbo Malone

Jeri Lynne Johnson

Zelda Wynn Valdes
Lucy Diggs Slowe
Madam C.J. Walker
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