6 Ways To Make Your Wedding Night Memorable

The wedding night is one of the most anticipated moments in the life of intending couples.


After the period of dating, preparation for the wedding, and shopping stress, a memorable night is the least you deserve to kick-start your married life.

The guests are gone, the party is over, what next?


This is the very first step in enjoying your maiden night as a couple. Get your mind of all worries and concentrate on each other at this point in the day.

Clean up

Have a bath and cleanse yourself of all the sweat and multiple scents from hugs and pecks. You don’t want to turn off your partner with an unpleasant scent.

Make it more interesting by having your bath together. Bathing each other could be a nice way to kick-start your romance.

Have a surprise

How about leaving a lingerie on the bed for your new bride or getting your husband his favourite perfume?

Make plans for food

In the heat and excitement of the wedding, couples may forget or be too overwhelmed to eat. So, make plans for food to be made available when you are finally alone. Remember, you need all the energy you can gather.

Prepare your body

As your wedding approaches, make conscious efforts to give your body a shine. Go for that manicure, get that facial, see your dentist to give your teeth a spark and burn that excess fat too.

You need to look your best for your partner.

Get intimate

It is not cast in stone that a couple must have sex on their wedding night but getting intimate is one way to bond with your partner, especially those who have embraced abstinence till marriage.


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