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6 Vital Habits To Improve Female Fertility

When a couple decides that they would like to have a baby, both the male and female should start considering good habits to improve fertility. For the female, she must think of her health and the health of the baby, once it is conceived. That is why it is so very important that women get into good health habits to improve fertility and create a stable environment for the baby to develop.

Improve Your Diet And Start Exercising

Being overweight decreases the likelihood of getting pregnant considerably. At the same time, being underweight can also delay conception. In order to encourage healthy menstrual cycles that can lead to conception, a woman must take good care of herself. That means eating a better diet and getting exercise each and every day.

Quit Smoking Immediately

Many women who smoke promise to quit once they are pregnant, but they may never get pregnant if they continue smoking. Smoking tobacco products can damage a woman’s eggs and render many of them infertile. Smoking also helps to speed up the aging process in the ovaries, which can cause complications with conception.

Enjoy Coffee And Alcohol In Moderation

Scientists in Sweden discovered that women who had two standard sized alcoholic drinks a day reduced their ability to conceive a baby by 60 percent. The caffeine in coffee has also been shown to affect fertility. Keep the coffee down to one cup a day and try to eliminate alcohol completely to encourage fertility.

Avoid Household Chemicals


The chemicals that are found in household cleaners can have a very negative impact on a woman’s fertility. The same is true for the kinds of pesticides used on farms and in large fields. The best approach is to avoid the pesticides and switch over to organic cleaning solutions for the home.

Find Ways To Relieve Stress

Stress can significantly hamper a woman’s fertility. It can be difficult to find serenity in the hectic world we live in, but trying tactics such as meditation or yoga can help to offset the stress and encourage conception.

And Finally The Obvious – Have Regular Sex

For women, sex at least once a week helps to put them on a predictable menstrual cycle, which makes it easier to plan out the moments when sex could lead to conception. Regular sex is not only the way to conceive a child, it is also a key to fertility in women.



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