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Here Are 6 Things Women Need To Learn From Men

It’s said that man and woman are two sides of the same coin. They are perfect complements to each other. Yet in truth, both sexes are uniquely different. However, there are things one gender can learn from the other.

Here are things, women specifically can learn from men:

Handling break-ups

After a breakup, the stereotypical woman weeps, eats ice cream, weeps in front of her girls and cherishes the intimate memories even if the dude had a 3-inch d*ck. A woman will get stressed out, drink like a middleman in the Sahara and get chips funguad by a random guy. Then she regrets and starts calling life unfair. She then decides to call the ex again after a few weeks. The ex, despite having a new girl, he gladly agrees to come, has sex with her then disappears again. By the time the woman gets over the breakup, a huge part of her life has been lost. We dudes go out, party and quickly go about the next chapter of our lives.

Bros before whores

A good number of women have sacrificed long time friendships over a man they just met — and not just acquaintances, but besties. Guys know that while a woman fulfills some needs, his best pal always has his back. He knows that a friend will be hell to replace, and it will be worse knowing that someone who should have been replaced tore them apart. A woman can let her best friend or sister sleep in the cold just because a guy she met last weekend is coming over.

Don’t overthink everything

Lie detectives, women like to play out every possible scenarios and what-ifs of a situation, when in reality no one has control of how thing turn out. Guys on the hand tend to let things be what they are. There’s really no point in dwelling on the tiniest details and causing unnecessary drama.Sometimes you should just let things be

Logic makes life easier


Life would be far easier if women understood that everything in life has logic behind it. Men follow their innate logic as they take decisions, but women choose to ignore logic and roll with emotions. And this makes it really hard for men to deal with women. When angry, women tend to be explosive and irrational. Instead of being rash, just calm down and address issues intellectually

Persevering shit

Another perk of male privilege? Unapologetically following the gut instinct. If you find yourself in a situation where you feel manipulated or exploited, heed those feelings. Then act accordingly. Many times women will instinctively tolerate bullshit when they should let go and nurture when they should abandon. Men save more than just time by abounding a failing relationship early. A woman will put up with a man until he has destroyed her life completely..


Men tend to expect less from other people, than women do and, often, they almost expect to get hurt. Women expect too much. Men view the world in a more adversarial way and they expect the worst from someone, before they open up and trust them. Women, on the other hand, are sometimes too quick to trust and therefore get hurt more often. Women pour all their feelings ona guy one week into dating. Men don’t do that. Men give it time. Talking about trust, trust Airtel to have your back all the time. Did you know that they give you the option of continuing to Facebook and whatsapp even when your bundles run out? I didn’t know either until yesterday, when I had to put some people back on their lane on my facebook. It actually got me curious and I perused some of their offers which I found quite reasonable. Like theUnliminet 20 which guarantees you 8 minutes talk time, 20 sms’s and 20 MB of data. That should be enough for an endless supply of Etemesi tales.

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