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6 South African Dishes You Need To Try

Fascinating and colorful, the South African food reflects the cultural diversity of their country. At first sight, it may be surprising for novices. Those who have taken the plunge know that it keeps its promises.

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1. Pap

This cereal porridge is the iconic food of the South African ancestral cuisine. Very consumed in the townships and rural areas, it may be the daily meal. This slurry can be called “pap” for the most liquid corn porridge, or ‘samp’ for less liquid corn grits.

2. biltong

This dried meat prepared beef meat is served at any time of the day. The ostrich, springbok or antelope can be used for preparing biltong. The meat is seasoned vinegar-based, salt, coriander, black pepper and sugar. This is a must snack rich in protein.


3. sosaties

These skewers marinated with curry and grilled making a killing in South Africa. This dish is rich in spices, is part of the Asian culinary heritage in South Africa. The word comes from sosatie “sate” meaning skewered meat, and “saus” which means spicy sauce.


4. The boerewors sausage

Typical South Africa, this variety of spicy sausage is grilled on roadside stands. It is then placed in a bun and covered in mustard or tomato sauce. A real delight. The sausage is made up of a mixture of lamb, beef, and pork (90%) and also spices (10%). The name of the sausage in Afrikaans means “farmer sausage”.


5. Bobotie

This dish, which looks like a Shepherd’s Pie, consists of ground meat with curry powder and lemon juice. This recipe has spread in many African colonies since the 17 th century, particularly in Kenya, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia.


6. Koeksisters

This pastry is made from donut dough and flavored syrup with cinnamon and ginger. A braided fried dough and soaked in syrup that South Africans love them! The name comes from the Dutch “koek” which means cake. The koeksister is eaten cold habit.

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