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6 Signs That Show Your Simple Headache Could Be Really Dangerous…


Each of us passes through those moments when we feel that someone is sitting on our head, or that he hits it with a hammer. This momentary pain is normal … However, if it persists, it is high time for you to take it seriously. Here are some important things to know about headache or migraine, also its symptoms and ways to treat it. Moreover, one must be really vigilant, because often the migraine can be more serious than normal …

Dangerous or not?

Some of the headaches are fairly harmless and give you problems from time to time. However, there are also and in some cases, those that require immediate attention and also medical assistance.

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Recognize the danger.

Here are the symptoms that can indicate the severity of a headache:

  •  A daily occurrence
  • Increased pain and this every day
  • The stiffness of the neck
  • Nausea
  • Fever
  • The place of pain is constantly changing
  • It is often triggered by physical activities
  • Very intense and different pain – all kinds of headaches –


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Expert assistance.

If you think your headache is deteriorating, the immediate step is to see a doctor …



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The dark side.

The appearance of a headache can be an indication of intense problems such as a brain tumor, brain bleeding, or meningitis … So, in making the right decision in the time allotted, you will be able to Lead a healthy life.

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The practical guide …

You need to know the type of symptoms of headaches for each problem. Do not go to self-medication to treat them, consult a doctor’s advice.

TMJ:  Pain in the temples, in front of the ear.

SINUS: Pain on the cheekbones below the eye.

CLUSTER : Pain around your eye.

Tension : Pain pressing the crown of the head.

Neck : Pain in the back of the head and at the top of the neck.

Migraine : Throbbing pain, nausea, changes in vision and sensory sensitivity.


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