6 Secrets To Being That ‘Cute Couple’


First and foremost, being “cute together” shouldn’t be the main object of your relationship. However, that being said, if Mr. Wonderful meets and exceeds your expectations, what’s the harm in knowing if you guys really are oh-so-cute together? Are you “that” couple everyone sees and envies? If these six things don’t come as a surprise, congratulations. You and your partner were sooo made for each other.

1. Two peas in a pod

Obviously, you spend time together. But the cute factor comes in when you stop and think about where you spend time together. Romantic dinners and creative dates are one thing, but are you happy together strolling the grocery store aisles or sitting on the laundromat floor? A truly cute couple is darling together whether they’re kissing at sunset or waiting in line at the DMV.

2. Mind reading powers

How cute is the cliché of “finishing each other’s sentences”? While it’s sort of nauseating for everyone you are around, it is also sort of adorable. Knowing someone so well speaks volumes about how much you care about him or her. You don’t need to finish your complete thought because your other half knows what’s coming next. No need to fuss over the menu; you both know exactly what dessert you’d like to split without uttering a single word.


3. Matchy-matchy

It’s easy to go a little overboard on this one (too much matching is definitely weird), but do you sometimes show up to a date wearing a similar outfit? It’s cute; don’t deny it. You both are so completely in sync with each other that your wardrobe is an example of your couple cuteness.

4. Sneaking around

You’re on a hike with friends, but that doesn’t stop you from taking the next bend a little slower so you can steal a kiss when you don’t think anyone is looking. You keep those personal displays of affection in check, but it’s cute when you can’t resist a teeny peck.

5. Unconsciously cute

Holding hands and a sharing a smooch here and there are darling little touches in a relationship, but there’s some serious romance in those unconscious touches — when he reaches out to rest his hand against yours while he’s deep in thought, or when you somehow find your fingers in his … cute.

6. Staring

There’s a fine line between creepy staring and cute staring. The cute kind includes those long glances you leave time for when you know he’s unaware; like when you meet up after work, and stop for a minute to see him play with your nieces and nephews. He’ll stare every once in a while, too. While being declared “cute together” won’t win you any relationship awards, you know it makes you secretly happy knowing it’s true



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