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6 Richest Industrialist Billionaires in the World and the Secret to their Success

Who are the top richest industrialist billionaires in the world? What’s the success secret of the industrialist billionaires and how can I replicate it? How can I become a billionaire industrialist? Well, I will suggest you read on.

In this article, I will be publishing the list of richest industrialist billionaires but my message is not in the list. The main lesson I intend to pass across to you with this article is the success secret of the industrialist billionaires and how you can replicate it. Now who are the top billionaire industrialists?

I want to state categorically that there are tens of billionaire industrialists but this list will focus on those billionaires who cut their teeth as industrialists starting from the scratch. I am not including those who divested into the industry; I am only listing those who became billionaires by being industrialists. If you’ve gotten my point, then below are my top richest industrialist billionaires.

The Top Richest Industrialist Billionaires in the World

  1. Andrew Carnegie – Carnegie Steel

Andrew Carnegie was a steel tycoon and one of the richest men of all time. He started Carnegie steel from scratch and grew it into a company that later metamorphosed into the United States Steel Corporation.

  1. Henry Ford – Ford Motor Company

One of the richest men in the world during his time and he still stands as one of the richest men in history. This industrialist billionaire is the founder of automobile giant; Ford Motors, a company he started from scratch.

  1. Lakshmi Mittal – Mittal Steel

Lakshmi Mittal is one of the richest men in the world according to Forbes ranking. His company Mittal steel is the largest producer of steel in the world.

4.Vladmir Lisin – Novolipetsk Steel

This Russian Steel mogul controls the country’s largest steel plant.

5.Aliko Dangote – Dangote Group

Aliko Dangote is the not only the richest black man in the world but also the richest black person in the world as at 2011. This industrialist billionaire cut his teeth as a commodity manufacturer and he has stuck to that line ever since.

6.George Eastman – Kodak

The Secret to the Success of the Richest Industrialist Billionaires in the World

  1. They started small

The industrialists listed above are rich by all standards; in fact, they are billionaires. But they were not born that way and they didn’t start out as billionaires; they started small. Andrew Carnegie came from a poverty stricken family, so also did Henry Ford but these men were humble enough to start small and risked failure. That’s why they are billionaire industrialists. This should ring a bell in your head that success doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a process that requires hard work.

  1. They concentrated

The reason I used these industrialist billionaires as case studies was because they made their mark as industrialists. They started small as industrialists, became billionaire industrialists and still remained true to their course. These industrialist billionaires did not diversify their effort; they concentrated.

Andrew Carnegie, Lakshmi Mittal and Vladmir Lisin concentrated on steel manufacturing; Henry Ford concentrated on automobile production and Aliko Dangote concentrated on commodity manufacturing.

Once again I emphasize the point that these men did not diversify; they concentrated. So if you want to become a billionaire, if you want to become a successful entrepreneur; then you must concentrate your resources, time and your effort.

3.They paid their workers well

One key to becoming a successful industrialist is to take care of your workers. Having enthusiastic workers is a key to a smooth production process and these billionaires knew that. Production is a tedious task, so be sure to take care of your workers.

  1. Efficiency was their watchword

Another key secret to the success of the billionaire industrialists was their constant effort to improve efficiency and productivity. Henry Ford was the first individual to mass produce cars at a faster rate; Aliko Dangote built the largest cement factory with the latest technology just to increase efficiency and Lakshmi Mittal has increased his steel output by constantly improving on his steel manufacturing process. Efficiency is the keyword to successfully running not just a manufacturing company; but a successful business.

  1. They had a mission

Of all the secrets to the success of the industrialist billionaires listed here; the mission is the most important. Why did you become an entrepreneur? Why do you want to start a business? Why do you want to build a business? Why do you want to become a billionaire industrialist?

If you take a closer observation at the entrepreneurial life of the industrialist billionaires, you will notice that they all had a strong business mission and that mission was the driving force behind their success. If you want to find success as an industrialist or a business owner; then you must have a strong business mission.

Aliko Dangote became the richest black person in the world because he was on a mission to provide the basic need of over 150million Nigerians. Henry Ford became a famous entrepreneur because he had a mission to democratize the automobile and make it available to the masses.

Do you want to join this list of billionaire industrialists? If yes, then you must fashion out a strong business mission for your company and stick with it no matter what.

As a final note, these are the business success secrets of the richest industrialist billionaires in the world. Just as said above, their success can be replicated. All you have to do is simply put these success formulas to work and I will see you at the top.


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