6 Phrases the Parents of a Newborn Hate Most

Some of the phrases are annoying while others are simply impolite. Avoid them if you do not want to offend a new parent.

1. “Are you getting enough sleep?”
What is the point in asking this question? You know the answer already. A new parent never gets enough sleep and rest. Babies need attention and care 24/7. You cannot leave them on their own even for a second. You change the diapers, feed the child, bathe and clean him plus do a ton of other things around the house. A parent of a newborn can hardly have a rest even in the night. It is inevitable unless the parents have other family members who do not mind helping to take care of the baby.

2. “Let me know if I can be of any help to you.”
This is rather a meaningless phrase, especially if you are not a member of the family. It is unlikely that the new parents would ask you for help and assistance. Instead of this useless phrase you can ask for permission to do the shopping, cleaning, gardening, maybe cooking or whatever you are good at. Pick up the kids from school or play with them. Be active and stop waiting for the parents to ask you for help. Simply make the first step. There are too few new parents who would not need another couple of hands.


3. “Is the baby sleeping through the night yet?”
This question is usually asked by people who have never had a baby. New parents know that babies keep waking up through the night. They are crying and it is sometimes impossible to calm them down for hours. The life of a new parent is not easy. Neither moms nor dads are at rest. Before asking this question you should realize that the people who have a newborn stay parents day and night.



4. “I have a pet, so I know what having a newborn is like.”
You are mistaken if you think that having a pet can be compared to having a newborn baby. Pets require far less care. They do not make you wake up at night every hour or so. They eat without your assistance – you simply give them some food. No diapers needed either. How often do you have to bathe your pet? A baby needs it a few times a day. And there are more reason why having a pet is different from having a baby.


5. “When are you having the next one?”
New parents are too stressed, tired and exhausted to even think of giving birth to another baby. Of course there are a lot of families with two, three or even more kids. Usually there is some age difference, unless the couple has twins. Having a child is a very responsible step in every person’s life. If you are a new parent then this decision is twice as serious. Be understanding and do not ask this question. Not only is it impolite and too personal, it is irritating as well.


6. “Is having a baby worth all you give up for it?”
Becoming a parent is truly a wonderful sensation. You step into a new stage of your life. Whatever you once had is now left behind. We are ready to give up our freedom and feel no regret. It is natural that a new parent should spend less time with friends. Now it is far more important to focus on the baby and do all possible to help him grow and develop. That’s how it is supposed to be and this is what we call the circle of life.



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