6 Must Have Apps For Android Devices

The Android market is developing. You can’t overlook the way that Android cell phones are digging in for the long haul. More than 80 for each penny of cell phones are controlled by the Android Operating System. What’s more, the truth turns out to be by what means can there be better client encounter for clients.

You require the privilege applications to get the best out of your Android cell phone. Furthermore, there are a few classifications you ought to be worried about, from reinforcement programs, security, correspondence, launcher and amusement. Presently, you can change your gadget from being just a fascinating contraption to an essential assistant.

Below are six apps that will make your Android device better than ever:

This is one app that is not only free but allows you to send free messages and make free calls from your Android phone to other people who are on the Viber network. So yes, your device can make a free call to other Viber-enabled phones as long as you have data or Wi-Fi connection. You can also send messages and share videos and photos to your Viber contacts for free.

Mobikin Assistant
This software stands out from the many other Android PC Suite software out there. The good thing is that you do not need to search the Internet for device drivers that can be installed or downloaded on your PC for it to work. The Mobikin Assistant for Android is installed on your computer and you can connect it to your PC via usable.

Why this app is great for your device is that with it you can manage your Android device better and export contacts, files and text messages from your Android mobile phone or tablet into your computer. Doing this will not only free up more space on your smartphone but will also make it more efficient for use. From managing your contacts and backing them up to weeding out junk text messages, this assistant helps your device to be more useful.


While plenty of apps can help you navigate through folders, from deleting to moving and sharing your files. What makes the CabinetBeta stand out is that it has a clean and modern material design-based user interface. With this app, you can take advantage of the Android’s greatest asset, which is its unrestricted file system access.

CabinetBeta helps you have better control over your folders and files, zip and unzip archives, and sharing your files to other services such as social media, cloud storage, and so on.

AVG Antivirus
You have to consider having an antivirus app to secure your Android device. With this app, you won’t simply be securing your Android phone from threats, viruses, and malwares, you will also be able to secure your phone from theft. By enabling the find/locate option, you will be connected to Google maps and can always know the location of your device. The AVG also has other features like locking and wiping data to protect privacy, and scheduling scans.

Google Keep
Yes, you need an app that can help you record, share and manage your activities. The interface is easy to use and you can snap photos to include with notes. You can keep track of thoughts, lists and tasks.

You certainly can be on the road and monitoring your expenses can become a tough task. However, with Expensify, it becomes easy to track your miles, invoices, receipts and also your time. Any receipt can be scanned and vital information is kept for your records. You don’t need to be online all the time as this app offers offline functionality. Expensify is free but it also has optional premium plans, which can provide you with additional features.


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