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6 Famous Black News Personalities You Probably Do Not Know!!

There are a number of black TV personalities that often flood our screens. From hosts to commentators, anchors to political analysts, these TV personalities have certainly made an impact when it comes to various types of issues affecting our daily lives.

If you are always watching the news on TV, chances are, you probably already know most people on this list. We’ve gathered a roundup of the most influential black news commentators on air.


  1. Roland Martin – Martin is one of the biggest TV personalities. He is a contributor for CNN, a commentator for “TV One,” and the host of the “Washington Watch.”

 He has also appeared on various shows including as a senior analyst in the “Tom Joyner Morning Show.” His other appearances include “The Situation Room,” “AC360,” “Campbell Brown,” and “Lou Dobbs Tonight” among many others. Martin is also an author and columnist who rose to popularity during the 2008 election thanks to his straightforward views and commentaries.


  1. Eugene Robinson – Robinson is an award-winning journalist and Pulitzer-Prize winner from the Washington Post. He is also a significant contributor on MSNBC.

Robinson began his career at the San Francisco Chronicle where he started as a journalist and earned his way up to become one of the most respected and recognized columnists in the US.



  1. Donna Brazile – This prominent veteran Democratic political strategist and commentator was the first African-American to manage a major campaign. She planned the presidential candidacy of Al Gore in 2000 while earning the respect of various TV networks.

She is a contributor for CNN’s “Situation Room,” “American Morning,” as well as ABC News and NPR’s “Political Corner.”


  1. Bob Herbert – He is a former journalist at the New York Times and is now a popular TV personality on various networks including CNN and MSNBC. He regularly talks about education, politics, and racial issues on these shows.


  1. Amy Holmes – She is one of TV’s rising personalities. Holmes is an independent commentator and rose to fame for her work during the 2008 election. She is a news anchor on GBTV and appears as a guest on various TV shows such as “The View” and “Real Time with Bill Maher.”


  1. Cornell West – West is a professor at Princeton, author, actor, critic, and civil rights activist. His popularity rose due to his criticism of former President Obama. He is a regular guest on various networks including CNN and MSNBC where he talks about different issues.


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