6 Crazy African pictures (Number 4 will amaze you)

1.  Makeshift pool table

There is never a shortage of resourcefulness on the African continent, and this epitomises it.


2.  The African High-rider

Not sure about the practicalities of this one

african harley

3. The Sapeurs of the Bacongo

Despite their modest surroundings, these stylish African gents are always “dressed to the nines” providing a stark contrast to the environment in which they exist.

The Sapeurs


4. The Hyena Boys of Nigeria

Hyena boys

5. The Mursi of Ethiopia

These lip plates are only worn by the women of the tribe as way to enhance their beauty. They start wearing them at age 15 or 16.

mursi tribe

6. Taking your goat for a ride

Goat on bike


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