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6 Categories Of People You Are Likely To Meet In A Startup

A startup is like a home you discover of all, various behaviors and you have to know how to make concessions and accept each other so that everything can go for the best. Here is cited mixes different categories of people that one can find there.

1- The leader

In general it is the founder of the structure, young dynamic that respects its collaborators and is respected in the same way. He knows how to lead the group and directs it each time towards the objectives it wishes to achieve by giving the maximum advice. He is more like a big brother than a boss, he is the type to get his collaborators out for moments of chill * to excess and does not hesitate to offer gifts to his team. He knows how to be loved by all his team and whatever work he asks to do; this is done in great joy often even at undue hours. It is also a fighter always in search of market and capital to turn his box.

women during a meeting

2- The choco

This one is a fashion-model. He is always stylish, well dressed and smells good. He never ceases to praise his achievements. It is a branch *, girls like boy kiff, because he knows to be as helpful. The image he sends back, he really cares about it and every thing he undertakes whether it is in his way of working, talking or dressing, he does it well.

well-dressed man

3- The conscientious


He loves when his work is well done. He never complains about criticism on his job and seeks to perfect himself all the time. He talks very little with his colleagues and spends his time on his computer trying to perfect himself. He is appreciated by all but his colleagues prefer to leave him alone in his professional conscience. (Laughter)

man at work

4- The degammeuse

These are the girls who like to do the stories for little. You can also find it in startups yes yes. His tight mine is the sign that tells you goes far; its box is totally to avoid in these cases. It is susceptible to all kinds of words. She does not hesitate to put in her place the one who comes to disturb her. So his colleagues prefer to avoid it.

angry woman
Straight From The A

5- The Christian

It gives you all day long of Christian songs or prophetic words. At his side you have the feeling of being unclean. It is the first to be sensitized when a situation arises and to brutally punish our actions.

woman praying
The Praying Woman

6- The cool

Always zen smiling and teasing. Generally in startups there are no binding regulations, everyone is free. This last one can without discomfort you make a demo of karaoke or the last steps of cut off even in hours of work. It is the atmosphere of the group. She is the first to motivate the team for after work. His absence is always noticed and his collaborators find it difficult to dispense with them.


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