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6 ‘bad girl’ behaviours men love in women


Bad girls are nothing but trouble, but you don’t have to be a bad girl to have some traits of a bad girl.

These traits are the positive ones that add value to your relationship and your man will appreciate some of these characters in you

1. Independence: Men don’t want women who’ll be stuck on them. They love it when women can live life by themselves but choose to stay with them.


2. Passion: Men like women with mutual passion. It’s not just about a kiss but the spark that comes with it.

3. Taking control: Man love women who can take control and are seductive. They love it when a woman does the some of the work in initiating intimacy.

4. Adventurous: No man wants to be stuck with a woman who does same old thing everyday. They appreciate women with a tinge of adventure, who knows how to keep things fresh and interesting.

5. Naughtiness: Men love partners that can do naughty things to them in the bedroom. The saying “lady in the streets and a freak in bed” may apply to this.

6. Bluntness: Men like it when their partners go straight to the point. No mind games, just straight forward no matter how cruel it sounds.



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