6 Absolutely Simple Things That Prove You Are An Amazing Wife

Do you ever feel like you aren’t good enough? Like you are a failure in many aspects of your marriage? Your house isn’t clean. You sport un-brushed hair and spend most of your time in sweat pants. You aren’t as intimate with your husband as he hopes you to be. And the list goes on and on.

But, you are a good wife, even if you don’t think so, and here are 6 ways to prove it.

1. You tell your spouse you love him and really mean it

How often do you tell your spouse you love him? I bet you tell him every day because you don’t just assume he knows. You understand how everyone needs to feel loved and appreciated. You know no matter how strong of a marriage you have, those three little words make a difference and strengthen your relationship.

If you don’t do this, that’s okay. Simply challenge yourself to tell your spouse you love him every single day, and notice the change it makes in your relationship.

2. You want to spend time with your spouse

Think back to when you were dating your husband. Would you count down the minutes until you could see him again? I know you still count down the minutes until he returns home from work each day. And this means you can be proud the fire is still alive between you two.

Let your husband know you do this, and make sure when he walks in the door each day you welcome him home and make him glad to be there.

3. You touch your spouse daily

You get it: daily touch is critical in a relationship. (And, we’re not even talking s*x.) It can be as simple as holding hands or giving a hug. It can be snuggling in bed at night or a long kiss before he walks out of the door for work. These are the types of things you do every single day throughout the day. And your husband is genuinely thankful for it.


4. You provide support and praise

Another way you are winning at wifehood is by letting your spouse know you support him, that you are proud of all his accomplishments, whether big or small. You encourage your husband with not only his career but also his hobbies, faith and friendships.

5. You thank your spouse

You are an amazing wife also because you thank your husband all the time. You don’t just do it for major things like all his hard work he does at his job. You also thank him for simple things like when he puts his clothes in the hamper at the end of the day or clears his plate from the table after dinner. You thank him for spending time with the children and for being a good father. In fact, there are so many things you show gratitude for in you marriage.

6. You put forth effort to save your relationship

The easiest thing you do as an amazing wife is you simply put forth effort in your marriage every single day because you understand when you don’t do anything, when you think negatively about your husband, when you aren’t proud of him and when you don’t support him—your relationship deteriorates.

And, if your husband is making choices you don’t agree with, you sit down and talk about it. You tell him how you feel; and, if needed, you seek professional help to work through the situation. This shows you really care about saving your relationship.

So, you may feel like you aren’t doing enough, but the small things you do every day to keep your marriage alive make all the difference and prove you really are an amazing wife.


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  1. These 3 my husband has needed more so than anything else he could ever possibly come to receive out of his wife and I rate myself @ how well I perform @ these task without them we have nothing patience to understand that throughout the years we will still be learning each other, perseverance to understand that what we’re learning about each other requires the strength to endure compromise & accept rather than take flight, & loyalty to staying committed for the long run no matter the hardships that comes our way & life dishes up plenty without this I can’t be a good wife I had to comprehend that marriages that succeed are “selfless” or you’ll have nothing !

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