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6.46 Words Per Second; American Rapper Eminem is the Fastest Rapper in the World

On the title “Rap God” -morceau released in 2013 on his eighth album  The Marshall Mathers LP 2-  , the rap legend Eminem holds a record of 6.46 words per second. A record that has even been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

While rapping since his adolescence, the artist quickly made impressive performances. Sometimes in a group, sometimes solo, Eminem has made the difference. Influential and respected, Eminem releases the flow in his songs while excelling in speed.

Long held by Busta Rhymes, the title of the fastest rapper in the world ended up changing carrier. The observation is simple, “Rap God” contains 1560 words, all slammed in 6 minutes and 4 seconds. The average words balanced by the Detroit rapper is  4.29 words per second , ”  new world record  ! “.


Note that recently, other sites give this title to rappers Bigflo & Oli who do a performance duet at 14.4 words per second. Still, this is only a performance performed with two.

Here for you, the video “Rap God”:


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