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59-year-old American Singer, Madonna Finally Reveals Why She Left America

Madonna spoke about her decision to leave America with her family to live in Lisbon (Portugal) for the first time in a new exclusive interview with Vogue Italia.


The 59-year-old singer who posed for a series of photos for photographer Mert & Marcus said:

My son David, who will be thirteen on September 24th, wants to play professional football for years.

I desperately wanted to get him into the best academies with the best coaches, but the level of football in America is much lower than in the rest of the world.

People: Madonna reveals why she left America

Speaking of her decision to move to Lisbon, she said:

In fact, I thought I could live elsewhere for a year and put my four youngest children in a different environment, because I think it’s also important to expose them to different cultures and live in different places.

So it was between Turin, Barcelona and Benfica in Lisbon. I visited all these places and I tried to imagine living there. Of course, Barcelona is a super fun city, and I also love Turin, but Turin is not really a city for kids.


It is a city for intellectuals; they have incredible museums and beautiful houses, but I did not think it would be fun for them. I have to take everyone into account, not only if it will be a good academy for David.

So I went to Lisbon, and it seemed the best choice for the whole. (…) [Portugal is] steeped in history, and the Portuguese empire has made its mark in the world.

The architecture is amazing. It is also the cradle of slavery, and so there are musical influences coming from Angola and Cape Verde, but also from Spain.

And besides all that, one of my favorite things around the world is riding. I live in Lisbon, in Lapa, but when I go on horseback, I go to Comporta, I go to friends, I go to Alcácer.

I always say that the three Fs govern Portugal: fado, football and Fatima. It is also a very Catholic country, which suits me very well.

However, Madonna did not put aside his musical career. She is preparing her fourteenth album, which, she announced, will be largely inspired by Lisbon. ” I met a lot of great musicians and I ended up working with some of them on my new album, so Lisbon really influenced my music and my work. But how could it be otherwise? I can not spend a year here without being impregnated with this culture, “she said. No date has been announced yet, but the Madonna’s new album should be out by the end of the year.


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