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VIDEO: 5-Year Old Boy Mocks Nigerian Leaders For Corruption in The Country

See video of very young boy blaming Nigerian leaders for the corruption in our country.

The young boy is a student of Maryland Convent Private School, Lagos.

Watch video:

Read video transcript :

”Goodday the chairperson, panel of judges, my co-debaters and my esteemed audience. All protocols are duly observed. Maryland convent private school. I stand here with an unshakable mind to support the motion which says: ‘Leaders are responsible for corruption in our country’. Before i proceed, I will like to define the word corruption according to an English dictionary.

”Corruption is a dishonest behaviour by politicians or people who work for the government. Our leaders are living a flamboyant life. Do you know that all the newly produced goods like vehicles, clothes, jewelries and shoes to mention a few are first seen with our leaders no matter the cost. Interestingly, they also have wardrobe allowance, vacation allowance and many other allowances. Hnmm, why not sleeping allowance too?


”They have forgotten the citizens they made millions promises to before assuming the unmerited office. Some even keep updating their files in order not to vacate their seats which is supposed to be occupied by their grandchildren, thereby breeding unemployment. I hope that I have been able to convince you that it is our leaders who should be blamed for corruption in our country. I still maintain that leaders are responsible for corruption in this country.

”My fellow citizens, have ever been opportune to listen to news on televisions ? Where our leaders at the national assembly engage in fighting and punching themselves over bags of money and contracts instead of addressing the problems of our country. Nigeria! What a country. Buying leadership and denying us of the dividends that our past heroes have acquired for us. Please, our leaders, drop down self centeredness and bring back our country’s glory. Certainly, if our leaders were good, the followers must be good too, thank you!”



Source: NigerianBulletin


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