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Here Are 5 of The World’s Richest Queens

We look at the net worth of some of the world’s richest royals.

We just found out that there are still a whopping 28 monarchies ruling in over 40 countries! Yes, even in 2016. So naturally we couldn’t help wonder how much these modern day royals were worth. Specifically, we’ve looked at queens, because queens are rad. In fact, they are the absolute authority when it comes to grace, prosperity, dignity and great manners.

There are two main types of queens: the queen regnant who is a female monarch who inherits the crown, and the queen consort who is the wife to a reigning king. And unlike fairy tale queens these women aren’t magical, omnipotent or immortal. But they do have above average levels of influence and wealth because of their royal status.

Here are a few of the world’s richest queens:

Queen Letizia of Spain married King Felipe VI in 2004, has since become a style icon, and even has a blog dedicated to her chic, modern fashion sense. The former television reporter and news anchor is reportedly worth $10 million (R164 million).

Queen Silvia of Sweden married King Carl XVI Gustaf in 1976 and is the longest reigning queen in Swedish history. The former flight attendant co-founded the World Childhood Foundation and is estimated to be worthabout $10 million (R 164 million).


 Queen Rania of Jordan married King Abdullah II of Jordan in 1993 and uses her YouTube channel to dispel negative stereotypes the West has towards Arab people. She is one of the most popular queens and even has over 1.3 million followers on Instagram. She is now estimated to be worth $35 million (R576 million).

 Queen Margrethe II of Denmark became queen when her father, King Frederick IX,  passed away in 1972. She is currently the longest-reigning Scandinavian monarch. She is estimated to be worth $40 million (R658 million).

 Queen Elizabeth II of England succeeded her father, King George VI, upon his death in 1952. She is the head of the Commonwealth and is the world’s oldest reigning UK monarch with a personal fortune worth $425 million (R699 billion)


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