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These 3 Websites Help Africans in Diaspora Understand the African Business Opportunities

Most Africans who due to poor economies of the African continent opted for greener pastures in the western countries. However, there is no amount of years spent on another man’s land, a day will come you will have a second thought of returning back home after having garner enough funds to start a new life in your homeland. The fair of what profitable business can one venture into to avod loss of hard earned monies in Europe comes to the mind of most Africans in diaspora and Information that is truly relevant to us as aspiring entrepreneurs, startups, SMEs, or first entry investors. We need the ‘how to’. We need someone who navigates us through the business climate on the continent, shares market strategies that work, business tips, and step-by-step guidance – not 100 Million Dollar investment news!

If you are planning to get started in Africa many of these sites may be of use to you. So we thought we continue talking about these sites. We focus on the ones we believe will bring the most concrete, practical value to you.

Here are the Top 5 Websites informing you about  Africa Business Opportunities and markets in 2020:

#1 How Africa

Loading... is another popular Africa content publication site featuring interesting business and world news for investors and the general public. It keeps you informed and entertained using a conventional approach and shares news across a variety of key sector and country categories. A great indigenous business and all round news site to have on your list. The management of How Africa is based in the United Kingdom and Nigeria.

Best for: Everyone who wants to research latest African content & business developments by sector or country.


#2 How We Made It In Africa

website 3 has been my favourite online publication for a long time and it remains my personal top choice for Africa business news and inspiration in 2020. What I love about the site is that it brings us very close to real people and their experiences on the ground – and in this regard the site is truly a gem. We suggest you make it your top choice, too! publishes only original and professional content. It features a couple of new articles each day, except for weekends. It is sponsored by DHL and managed from South Africa. After having been a true fan for a long time,

Best for: Entrepreneurs, start-ups, investors, companies – it’s truly an all-rounder!


#3 CNN African StartUp

website 1

Frankly, CNN African Startup is doing a fantastic job featuring and presenting African entrepreneur success stories, and they are doing it in form of short videos on the CNN African startup website. What better way is there to advance your Africa business ambitions than learning from those who have done it. When you watch, you get inspired. On CNN African Startup you will get access to start-up stories and wonderful niche ideas no-one else is featuring. Why not replicate some of it in other markets ?!

Best for: Entrepreneurs, social enterprises on the ground



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