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5 Ways To Protect your Hair From The Humidity


Summer is here, and the humidity is in full effect! Here are 5 ways to manage your natural hair in the summer heat and humid weather as you prepare to throw down on the grill at every family cookout.

1. Embrace your curls!


First things first, don’t fight it! KinksAreTheNewPink advises that simply wearing your hair in it’s most natural state is probably the easiest way to manage your hair during more humid weather. So try a simple wash-n-go for starters, and try not to be worried too much with the shrinkage!

2. Shampoo & Condition


Shampoo the scalp, and condition the hair to be exact. During the summer months you’re destined to have excess sweating and dirt. As a result, it’s tempting to wash your hair everyday!

You should mostly concentrate on washing your scalp with a gentle cleansing conditioner. CurlyNikkirecommends putting your hair in chunky braids/twists while washing; then rinse off and use a conditioner down the length of your hair. Next, without getting out of the shower, blot off the excess water, run in some leave in and coat the hair with a little bit of light oil which helps prevent dryness, frizziness and knots.

3. Use a smoothing/glossing serum



When it comes to styling your hair for the humidity, look for products with dimethicone/dimethiconol silicons. These will coat the hair and create a barrier against the harsh weather. Bonus: they also reduce reversion, shrinkage, and frizz (but remember not to worry too much about this).

One thing to note, these silicons do not break down in water and can lead to build up over a period of continued use, so be sure to regularly shampoo to keep your hair clean.

4. Deep condition your hair!


NUFF SAID! A good deep-conditioning treatment has never done natural hair wrong. And this part of your regimen is extremely important during the hot summer months.

5. Protective Styling!


Protective styling is helpful because it allows you to go periods without bothering or over manipulating your natural locks! You don’t have to worry about frizziness or shrinkage, and your daily routine in cut in half. Some potential protective styles include  twists, braids, buns, up-dos, cornrows, flat twists, or braid extensions.


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