5 Ways African Men Show Their Affection Instead Of Saying The 3 Words

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Women may be the most impossible-to-understand creatures on earth but men in relationships are indisputably the most confusing of us all.

A lot of men find it very hard to proclaim those three little words but can locate all the cumbersome and convoluted grammar to state their desire to get you into bed with them when things get critical for them down there.

A lot of women are left in uncertainty over whether their men really love them and are committed to them in relationships. Sometimes, they are legitimate in their doubts because the men seem to have multiple like love interests and are simply taking advantage of these poor ladies.

The truth is that most men are not in touch with their emotions. Many others are egotistical and fear that if they bare their emotions, they do so at the peril of losing their ego. As a result, a lot of women call them jerks and dogs which, in my opinion, is not fair because they do not understand how men operate.

Those men may hardly say those three soothing words that turn your ordinary world into paradise in your minds, ladies, but that does not mean that they do not express their love and affection for you in other ways.

Here are some alternatives they adopt to show their affections instead of simply saying it:

1. Introduces you to his friends

And they recognise you officially as his woman. A guy will not risk introducing you to his friends because they can tease. And we know how guys can really tease. Further, his friends are people he likes (or loves) and if he deems it important to let you know them, then he loves you.

Guys who fool around will brag to their friends about their exploits but may never introduce all those girls to their close ones. It is important as well to him that you get along with his friends really well.


If he expresses interest in your liking his friends then his feelings for you are really big. Particularly when he risks calling you pet names or even engaging in some little PDA (public display of affection like a kiss on the cheek. Or a kiss), then my sister, you are getting there.

2. Does favours for you

You know your man. What does he like doing and what does he avoid doing? Some guys will go out of their way to help you to move out of your house or will run an errand for you to the shop to buy something that you may need. They could do all this to the disadvantage of something that they like to do.

#For instance, that time spent on the trip to the shop could reduce the time they could use in playing video games before they would go to bed for the next morning. These favours they do for you could be very little but they are hardly insignificant because they mean a lot to him; they signify his love or affection for you.

A guy who is merely interested in the s*x you can give him will not bother to care about the things he can do that could make life a little bit easy for you even if he could. A man could show his love for you by putting your needs before his and disregarding his selfishness just to put a smile on your face. And you better appreciate that.

3. Asks for your advice

Not all guys will show their affection by asking for your opinion on anything. But if they even slightly care to ask you about what you think concerning anything, then they are big on you.

Men in general hate to ask for advice on anything. For instance, most of them will prefer to get missing in all the circles they will waste their time covering to simply asking for directions and getting to their destination.

If your man cares enough to ask you for your advice or for your opinion on anything, you should be glad to give it. And some sincerity mixed with a little praise will go a long way to boost his feelings for you.

4. Holds your hand and looks at you

Hand holding is something else. It is a gesture that could instantly bring you intimacy with the other person even though it so much of a simple and easy thing to do.

A purely s*xual relationship will not feature hand holding and looking at you because of how they call up feelings that those playing guys would rather keep hidden.

Besides, holding hands tells other people that the two of you are hitched and which player would want to risk screaming that announcement? If he holds your hand, he proves to everyone that he is proud to walk around with you.

It is hard to know what he feels for you when he is looking at you but when he is in love, it is easy to tell that he is crazy about you from the looks he gives to you. And when you have realised this, my sister, then you have arrived.


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