5 Vital Things You Shouldn’t Do In The Shower

The average person spends about 60 hours a year in the shower. With so much time in the shower,it makes sense to do it right. Unfortunately, simple mistakes are made all the time. From how to wash your hair to when to use a facial mask, you won’t believe the things you might be doing wrong. These crucial things are not only important for staying clean but keeping you protected from infection and disease. Ready to have the record set straight? Here are 5 Crucial Things You Shouldn’t Do In The Shower

5. Don’t apply facial masks after showering. It’s a controversial topic, but dermatologists claim putting a mask on after showers will be too drying. They recommend only putting on hydrating products after showers.

4. Don’t forget to clean or regularly replace your shower head. Many shower heads are health hazards which can spread pulmonary disease such as Legionnaires disease. In fact, researchers recently found that one-third of the showerheads they studied contained bacteria associated with pulminary disease!

3. Don’t exfoliate your skin every day. Doing so can remove natural oils and lead to long term damage. Dermatologists recommend exfoliating two to three times a week, depending on the skin type.

2. Stop using bar soap dishes. If you have to use a bar of soap, make sure to get a wire soap dish so it can drain properly. Otherwise, bacteria can grow on the soap.

1. Don’t leave your razor in the shower. To ensure it stays clean and doesn’t grow bacteria, leave it out to dry on a towel. Also, replace the blade regularly.


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