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5 Unique Homes Of African-American Stars In The World You Should See

Villas, duplex, penthouse with jacuzzi and state-of-the-art American kitchen, home theater, rooftop terrace and of course, a swimming pool …, African-American stars do not refuse anything. Houses costing millions of dollars, they are the only ones to own. Manor houses they offer themselves to the size of their talent but also their bank account.

It makes you dream, it makes you want to have one, to go there or even live there. But for now, it’s better to rinse your eyes and take a closer look at what the homes of five African-American celebrities look like.

1- Tiger Woods

The manor of this renowned sportsman is located in Florida and features 4 golf courses, a luxurious professional gym and a track and field. This luxury house cost him 60 million dollars (about 51 million euros).


2- Jay-Z and Beyoncé

According to Forbes magazine, the couple’s fortune is estimated at $ 1 billion. Its gigantic residence, worth 45 million dollars (about 39 million euros), has 123 rooms including a branch of M & M, a movie theater, an aquarium, a disco, 27 bathrooms, 14 bedrooms, swimming pools, a citrus garden and a tennis court.




Eddie Murphy

Originally, his Hollywood Hills home was estimated at $ 20 million, then he made the decision to carry out work that resulted in an $ 85 million vacation villa (about 73 million euros). It has a total of 32 rooms, 9 rooms, a spa, indoor and outdoor pools, a tennis court and a main house for guests. The main house is 1,800 m².



Oprah Winfrey

The fortune of the famous American animator is about $ 3 trillion. It has several properties including an estimated more than 50 million dollars, with 2 100 m² and more than 16 km² of green space.


The star paid a whopping $ 6.8 million for her new home in West Hollywood, a city known for being the home of many stars, reports E News!


Spread over more than 650 square meters, Rihanna’s new home also has a cinema, gym, billiard room, pool, large garden, and lavish views of Los Angeles. We let you discover it.

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