5 types of cheaters revealed


Apart from lack of proper communication, one of the major causes of marriage and relationship breakup is cheating.

People who cheat or who have been cheated on have their stories to tell, how the once loving relationship turned sour when one decided to screw up by having an affair.

Not all cheaters are the same although they all end in one pattern, having sexual relations with someone other than their partner.

According to relationship experts from Blogher, here are 5 kinds of cheaters from a woman’s point of view:

1. The accidental cheater: This guy didn’t mean to cheat, but it happened anyway. This kind of guy may have cheated as a result of his insecurities and needed an ego boost by someone other than their partner.


2. The sex addict: Most people don’t know the dangers of sex addiction in a relationship. These kind of people will cheat not for an ego boost like the accidental cheater but to fill up that unending sexual desire. They’ll cheat on over and over again, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you.

3. The narcissistic cheater: This kind of guy is more in love with himself than you and will deliberately cheat without any form of guilt or remorse. They are very vain, selfish and will lie, manipulate and abuse  a woman just to get her into bed.

4. The sitting-on-the-fence cheater: This guy will only cheat because you aren’t official and he needs to satisfy his sexual urges. Although he considers you a prospect, he won’t stop cheating till you guys are officially dating.

5. The roaming cheater: This guy has deep commitment issues and has a tendency of leaving immediately after a sexual encounter ready to hop into another lady’s bed. His attention span is rather short and he’s constantly looking for the next hottest girl that’ll come his way.


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