5 Tools for improving your writing skill

If you have an online presence, by now, you should know that content creation is not a skill you should negotiate, if you really want to thrive.

However, whether you are new to it or not, you will agree that it is not always easy to come up with great ideas, choose the right grammar, and organize the text perfectly.

Hence, to make your work easier, here are some great tools that will help you write better and improve your efficiency in writing:

So, read on to learn more and tell us the one you think you’ll need the most.😊

5 Great Tools for Improving Your Writing Skills.

Daily page:

If you are a very busy person, and can easily get caught up with the day’s activities, this app helps bring to your consciousness that you need to write and also give you the ginger to start. However, you can access this app with a token, which is really worth the investment.



This app helps make legible and grammatically correct writings faster. It gives you synonym suggestions and auto-corrects those words it assumes were wrongly spelt. The paid version also has some cool tools which include a plagiarism checker.


One Look Thesaurus:

this tool really helps not only in writing but also in speaking, it helps in giving a concise presentation. It has a reverse dictionary, Hence, you can type in a definition or group of words related to the word you’re looking for and find the right word for your context. This is a great tool when you have that “what’s the word for this?” moment.



Cliche Finder:

To make your writing more specific, you need to avoid clichés. And Cliché Finder will help you with that. Paste your text into the app and it will highlight the content that should be replaced with more exact text.



This is a great tool to enrich your writing and make it look more professional, this tool provides you with numerous quotes from a writer, politician, or famous person. Just browse through and choose the ones that suit you.

There you have it, our favourite writing tools that can greatly help you in wring effectively, which one do you find most useful?

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