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5 Things You Should Never Wear In An Airplane; According to Libby Ryne

According to Libby Ryne, you should avoid wearing this type of clothing while traveling by plane.

1. Super-tight socks

Keep the socks extremely tight for outings on land. Clothes that cut off your circulation can cause blood clots in the air. A good way to find out if your socks are too tight for wearing on the plane is to see if they leave marks on your legs. If so, then these are too tight. The exception to this rule is compression socks, which are made to be narrower to increase circulation rather than prevent it.

2. The combinations

The bathrooms of the airplanes are tiny and, to pee and poop with a combination, it must be removed entirely. Do yourself a favor by limiting yourself to two-piece outfits.


3. High heels

Women are very fond of wearing high heels at the airport, just because it saves space in the bag in case of baggage overflow. But when you’re on the plane, it’s time to go back to the flat shoes. Not only do your feet swell when you are in the air, but you must also remain alert in case you need to take emergency measures during your flight.

4. Short dresses

It’s cold on airplanes, so even if you’re heading to a destination in warmer weather, be careful to avoid light air travel.

5. The contact lenses

The pressure and dry air in the cabin of the aircraft do not allow a pleasant experience of contact lenses. In addition, if you take a nap during the trip, you probably will not need your glasses. Give these voyeurs a break!


Strong perfume

Be nice to your neighbors on the plane, do not put strong scents on a plane. Because it’s a tube under pressure in the sky and there’s really not a lot of air circulation. So, if you wear a strong scent, everyone will feel it. In addition, some people have allergies to perfumes that can lead to breathing problems.


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