5 Things You Must Avoid, If You Want To Have The Best Kiss

Kissing is an art. It is one part of making out that may be able to determine if you get to proceed to second base or not. Kissing shouldn’t be difficult as most of us make it out to be. It should rather be seen as an art that can be used to express emotions and feelings. We however make a lot of mistakes when we kiss which has the potential of ruining the pleasurable experience that will come with it. It is ideal to know why your partner does not enjoy kissing and you may just realise the mistakes you’ve been making. Check out these five things you should avoid doing when kissing and ways you can prevent them.

Smelly Breath
Smelly breath is one of the biggest culprit of failed kisses. It turns off a lot of people and it may make people never want to kiss you again. If you find out you have smelly breath, it is essential you find a way to change it. You can try taking lots of water everyday. This helps you avoid dehydration, while it also washes off any food or drink odour that may be left in your mouth. Avoid eating foods such as onions, fish and garlic. Also avoid smoking or taking alcohol before going out on a date or when you know a kiss is in the offing. Maintaining proper hygiene is essential and you should do all you can to maintain it. Brush your teeth twice daily and ensure you brush your tongue and floss too. You can also try out quick remedies such as mouth wash and breath fresheners. In all, make sure your mouth is in excellent condition before you kiss.


Control The Hands
The use of your hands during the kissing action is very important. By not using your hands, chances are you’d miss out on a lot of the pleasure you’d have gained otherwise. Allow Your hands caress the back of your partner’s neck before moving on to more erogenous areas. At other times, you can allow your partner lead the way. Try as much as you can to keep your eyes shut while kissing as this would make you feel less nervous and odd.

Avoid Kissing Fast
Women hardly love to kiss fast as they love slow and seductive kissing. Kissing too fast has the tendency to hurt and push your partner away. Avoid the aggressiveness except your partner wants you to. You can otherwise pay attention to how your partner responds to your kisses and how they want you to proceed. If you find your partner seems restive, take it slow and allow them come on to you. Each time is different and has its own pace. Proceed as such.

Using The Tongue
Using your tongue while kissing is something that depends on your judgement. It is better to start kissing with lip kissing without using any tongue. As you proceed with the kiss, you can then introduce your tongue. This usually comes naturally and shouldn’t be forced. Your tongue should enter your partner’s mouth slowly and not forcefully or all at once. Study the reaction of your partner and proceed accordingly. If french kissing is on the table, withdraw your tongue intermittently to allow your partner crave for more.

Avoid Too Much Wetness
Spraying too much saliva around can be weird and irritating to say the least. Avoid as much as you can the temptation of putting saliva all over your partner’s lips as chances are they won’t like it. It can also ruin the kissing experience for your partner and the embarrassment that comes with it. Control the flow of your saliva by swallowing it.


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