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5 Things You Do Not Know About ‘Bald’ African Men!! Ladies will sure like the #2…

Several years back, the baldness was visible on men who were advanced in age. The older they got, the better. However, in recent years, baldness appears even in young men. However, there are things common to bald men that you do not know.

1- Some bald men have an above-average intelligence quotient

At this level, it is not so much the men who have become bald when they get older but rather those who have become young. If you knew them when they were teenagers, you will realize that they were brilliant at school. Also, in most cases, they do long studies.

2- Some bald men are known to be caring

They are nice. They have a hand on their heart and do not delay helping when they are in front of people in need. Even though sometimes they may look like wicked people, by side by side you will realize that it’s just an appearance.


3- Other bald men know very well how to make love

Although their baldness does not play in their favor in the game of seduction, they are however very good in bed. Think of the ladies, the bald men are true stallions.

4- Most bald men do not have a large size

Observe the bald men around you and you will see that they do not have a large size. Either they have an average size or are small. There are few bald men with a large size.

5- Most bald men do not have a clear complexion

Also look around and you will realize that among the bald men you know, there are very or not who have a clear complexion.


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