5 Things You Didn’t Know About Elon Musk’s Starlink


Elon Musk’s space technology company, SpaceX, is bringing Starlink, its satellite-based broadband internet service, to Nigeria.

SpaceX has been in discussions with the Nigerian Communications Commission and is currently in the process of getting the necessary licenses.


As SpaceX is set to introduce Starlink to the Nigerian market, here are five things you didn’t know about Starlink:

1.Starlink was launched by SpaceX as an Internet service that provides high-speed and low-latency broadband connectivity. Starlink was specially launched for areas around the world with expensive, unavailable or unreliable internet.

2. SpaceX, through Starlink, plans to 12,000 satellites into Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to enable internet connection to everyone on the planet. While 8,000 satellites will orbit from 500km above planet level, the rest 4,000 will orbit at about 1,200km above the planet.

3. Starlink is designed as a telecommunications carrier and would be able to receive funding from the Rural Digital Opportunity in increasing its coverage reach.

4. Sixty-five times closer to earth than traditional satellites, Starlink satellites will deliver high-speed broadband Internet to areas where the ground infrastructure is missing.

5. Starlink hopes to offer an internet speed of 10Gbps (gigabytes per second), which is much faster than fiber internet.


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