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5 Things We All Detest In African Weddings

The wedding which is supposed to be a happy event of conviviality can sometimes turn into a calvary for guests. Discover the 5 things that annoy weddings.

1- The bad reception

If it is not the hostesses who make hers, it will be a member of the family of the bride and groom who will reserve you a glacier reception. And if you do not sit for hours waiting for a table to be found for you, you will be entitled to the disdainful looks of some.

2- Ethnic music

One of the biggest mistakes the bride and groom make during their wedding is undoubtedly the choice of music for the atmosphere. Honeymooners with the same ethnicity will tend to choose music based on their origins, a choice not at all sensible when you know that guests come from all over.

If you make the mistake of attending a wedding in Baoule country, be sure to hear ” N’Guess Bon Sens ” until the end of the ceremony tongue out


dancing in an African wedding

3- Children who cry

There will always be in the marriages of turbulent children that nothing stops. Cries here, crying there, you’ll get everything until you get sick.

4- Lack of food

While a group gets stuffed with food, some people are sidelined, will almost ignore the time of the meal. Its followers of the black sachets will not miss opportunity to make provisions for the house. You will be served only at 14h, for a dinner that started at 12h.

gourmet woman

5- The speeches

Even if traditionally the marriage speeches are alive and moving, it may happen that they are beside the plate (too intimate, displaced or interminable)

man who makes a speech


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