5 Things To Know About New Black Culture!!

  1. There’s Black culture, and there’s “Black Culture

The Black culture, without the quotes, is an amalgam of multifaceted cultural contributions of many subcultures. Coming from different parts of Africa, the African-Americans we know today have witnessed a fluidic transition and merging of their subculture.

On the other hand, the so-called “Black Culture” is a lifestyle benchmark set by marketers, fashion and music studios, which is just an idea, made from few assumptions to make money.

  1. “Black Culture” is not defined by Black People Every time

The “Black Culture” is most of the time used as a promotional idea, and it has been done by white people. This issue in not cringe-worthy, but it is worth a thought. Being told about your ethnicity by people who do not have an idea about your history is something that will always remain incomprehensible. Rappers molded to appeal to masses, roles of an African-American written by some nonblack person who has never given a thought about who we are as people; such things give rise to the stereotypical image. It’s true that the world is seeing each community with a broader perspective now, but there is still a long way to go.

  1. Black Culture is Multicultural

Black culture in present times is influenced by history as well as new generation. Carrying on the ancestral traditions and cultures while adapting new ideas defines the Black culture we see now. It’s virtually impossible to define what Authentic Black is.

  1. Black Culture is an idea

So what happens when a Black artist creates something for the mass culture? You guessed it right; it is no longer something propriety to black culture.  What started as a “Black Music”, be it Jazz, Blues, Hip-Hop or R&B, every genre has enjoyed a warm welcome on not just national, but global level as well.

There is a Dave Brubeck for every Dizzy Gillespie.

  1. Culture is a starting point, not the Destination

We are born Black. And no, I don’t like it when you say “You’re just like the White people for me” or “I don’t see you black”. I don’t like it because you have to justify yourself. I am Black and proud of it. This is my culture, and I know culture defines our roots, and creates a comforting home for us. To understand who we are, knowing our culture is important.

Having said that, belonging to a particular ethnic group is one thing, what you do as a person is different. You don’t need to be a certain color to be a good person. You just need to be a good person, and that’s it.


Written by How Africa

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