5 Things That Are Sapping Your Energy

Are there aspects of your life that are weighing you down and holding you back? How’s here to tackle them successfully

If you hit the ground running this year, you’re probably a little low on energy by now. The first step to getting your bounce back is to identify the energy-vampires in your life, whether they’re toxic people or personal issues.

We take a look at some of the changes you might need to make.

1. PROBLEM: Not letting go
One of life’s biggest challenges is knowing when to hold on and when to let go. Holding onto someone or something longer than you should could set you back months, if not years. Whether it’s a relationship, a phase of your life or even an obsession, know that it’s costing you your youth (which lasts until the age of 100 in our book).

SOLUTION: Get practical. Make a list of the people and things that have been absorbing too much of your time, attention and happiness. Jot down how you plan to let go of these and take note that doing so will make you feel lighter and more free. Set an achievable timeframe so that you’re neither rushing nor avoiding matters. It might be helpful to speak to a close friend or family member who has experienced a similar situation.

2. PROBLEM: Overloading your to-do list
Although sometimes we’re tempted to overachieve in our day-to-day lives, you might be selling yourself short by taking on too much. Instead of impressing your boss or keeping your family happy, this could lead to you missing deadlines and drain your energy.

Make mental notes on how long you spend on certain tasks and identify areas where you can improve, either in the workplace or in your personal capacity. Set realistic goals and, while you need to work hard to achieve them, don’t do yourself harm in the process.


3. PROBLEM: Lack of sleep
Contrary to popular belief, cutting time out of your sleep will do everything, but save you time.

SOLUTION: Sleeping patterns differ from person to person. Try to keep yours regular for at least 21 days (which is how long it takes to make or break a habit), just like we do with our kids. If you feel well-rested and energised, without the aid of energy drinks, take that as the baseline of how much you need to sleep and work around it.

4. PROBLEM: Not being able to say “no”
Are you the “Yes!” woman? It’s time to change that.

SOLUTION: There’s a saying: “You can please some of the people, some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people, all of the time”. Accept that by always making yourself available, even when you’re not really, you’re actually doing yourself a disservice. Learn how to politely decline anything you don’t have capacity for, whether it be for a loved one or your boss.

5. PROBLEM: Taking on too many external emotions
Women with a heroine mentality believe that they need to be fully emotionally invested in the lives of people around them. This could be a family member with a financial burden or a colleague who’s told you their personal life story. Such instances can weigh you down and make you feel guilty.

SOLUTION: Learn to separate yourself emotionally from the issues of others, where possible. We’re all nurturing beings, but if you’re feeling drained because of the issues of those around you, you’re not being much help. Continue being supportive, but don’t let their issues get to you.

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