5 things parents shouldn’t tell their daughters

Most times our society frowns upon young girls who stand up for themselves, in terms of reaching for what they believe in.

Parents out of fear for what the community or society would say, tell their daughters to lower their goals, expectations and settle for the norm.

They tend to forget that she’ll be a woman someday, passing what has been taught to her down to her daughters and the circle goes on.

Phenomenal women who have recorded their names in history books, stepped out of that vicious circle, never settled for anything less than they deserved and were the odd ones who decided not to be called average.

According to Lifehack, teenage girls should be given better advice by their parents rather than hearing these words.

1. “That’s a man’s job”: Our society has stereotyped certain roles, jobs, occupation and careers to males. A woman who tries one of these masculine role, is therefore seen as odd. Parents should learn to tell their daughters there are no specific jobs or career men, it makes them broaden their thoughts.

2. “You are wasting your time”: There’s nothing worse than a parent not willing to give their teenage daughter a chance to prove herself. She can only carve a niche for herself when she tries her hands on different things.


3. “That’s very unladylike of you”: Our society has stereotyped girls as just being pretty little things adorned with beautiful ribbons, acting right and waiting for the man who’ll whisk her off. Parents should let their daughter try unladylike stuffs like wearing baggy clothes instead of forcing her to be feminine always.

4. Your class is too high/low for him: Your daughters cannot become stronger if they don’t get rejected once or twice. As weird as it seems, that the harsh truth of life. Shielding your daughter from certain life lessons especially on love, relationships and sexuality, can cause more harm than good for her. Just be there to give then good advice rather than condemning them totally.

5. “Why can’t you be more like her?”: Telling your daughter this will bring out her insecurities, she’ll feel the only way to be accepted is by copying others because you constantly compare her to other girls out there then an unhealthy competition begins. She can only be the best version of herself and no one else


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