5 Things Ghanaians Use Smartphones For

It has become a part of the Ghanaian lifestyle but there are more functional uses of smartphones than many people know hence they underutilize these devices that they pay so much to acquire. Jumia Travel, Africa’s leading online travel agency ponders below a few functional things Ghanaians use smartphones for.

Social Media –  All over the world, people use social media for various reasons and on many different platforms. Ghana is no exception to this. Basically, social media can be used via certain devices either by a computer, tablet or a smartphone. The smartphone has gradually become the most popular with at least 6 out of every 10 Ghanaians owning a smartphone these days. Keeping memories by uploading videos and pictures on Facebook or instagram, tweeting about what you thinking or chatting with your friends while getting to see them live are just a few of the many fun things Ghanaians do with a smartphone.

Online Marketing – Online marketing has grown more popular in recent times and although it hasn’t entirely replaced offline marketing, many more people utilize the simplicity and speed of marketing online. It’s tendency to reach millions of people in seconds makes it a very vital tool in today’s marketing world. Here again, apart from computers and tablets, smartphones are the main tools for undertaking such campaigns. In Ghana, this amazing exposition has made many businesses thrive in an era of earnest competition. Even the smallest retail shop now has an online presence and markets online. Some even have apps that make it easy and fast for their clients and customers.


Storage Device – Gone are the days of diskettes, compact disks or even pen drives. Now the more advanced external hard drives are also under extreme pressure from smartphone manufacturers in terms of storage. In the past, many Ghanaians found it difficult to save files and keep them for a long time. The most serious of all the challenges was the means to view and access these files or transfer them at any given time.

Electronic Devices Remote Control – Ever had a terrible experience of not being able to control your electronic device because you can’t find your remote or because the batteries in the remote went bad? Maybe it happened at a very crucial time which may be very embarrassing. All these are in the past now. Did you know that smartphones allow you to control certain electronic devices? Some major electronic companies like LG, Samsung etc. have built amazing technologies that allows you to change the channel on your TV, increase the volume or even reduce the temperature of your air-condition by the use of your smartphone. This has become very popular in Ghana now and many people do not really care where the remote is. All they have to do is sync their phone with the electronic device and BAM!.

This device is so functional and has millions of uses that will leave you in awe. Each and every day, Ghanaians discover better uses of their smartphones making life easier for not only them, but everyone else around them. If you don’t own a smartphone, go get one now.


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