5 Surefire Signs You Are Dating A Gigolo


  1. He Overcompensates on his Delivery Message

The way he will do this is try to convince you that you are beautiful, sexy, and most of all desirable. He will also talk about himself A LOT about how fit he is and how all these other women chase him, but YOU are the ONE he wants… (At the moment at least). He will then brag about how he pleases other women but not say a word about what they look like. He does not say how beautiful they are or anything because he doesn’t want to scare you off…

He posts pictures or sends you pictures of him looking very sexy and enjoying the finer things in life. He does this to turn you on and to pound into your brain that he is just like you and loves the finer things in life, and he does! He will just make sure that you have common interests. Like I said, he does his homework! He’ll be scanning your Social Media and/or Online Dating sites to see your interests and hobbies and Viola! He now has the very same interests and hobbies!

  1. He Knows his Prey VERY WELL

He does his research. He checks out your social media and/or (depending if you are an active Online Dater) he’ll memorize your Online Dating site, Bio and Pictures because he will only contact women who have money. It really does not matter what you look like. IF you are a very attractive woman and you have money, all the better for him and he will want to flaunt that in front of others including women because he is always looking for his next victim. Remember, he can scam many women at once. He’ll want you to get him a smartphone so that you can reach him at any time! Good for you, better for him….Keep in mind he’s probably walking around with several different smartphones and different phone numbers at the same time and not paying a dime for the service either! After all, I did say SMARTPHONE!

If he does not find you attractive, you will most likely be an indoor playmate unless you pay him very well but he will always have his eyes out for his next victim. Trust me when I say this, a lot of older financially wealthy lonely women who are not that attractive are his best targets because to have a man like him on their arm is a total ego booster and they will do ANYTHING to have the appearance of being with a hot young male. He will take advantage of your loneliness and use it to his advantage. Never tell a man you are LONELY! To a GIGOLO that is an Open Door!

This Gigolo will drain your Emotions, Finances and Self-esteem dry. He will also convince you that your friends and family are SO WRONG about him because he is “falling in LOVE with you”!

Notice the L-Word? That will come soon and even sooner especially if he feels like you are on to him. He will break out the L-Word so fast it will have your head spinning with confusion as to HOW can this guy REALLY love me? He will do ANYTHING if he feels you pulling away. HE will be outside washing your Porsche so fast (in his board shorts shirtless), even faster than your 200 horse power engine….

Emotions because he will have you feeling so great about yourself that you will not want to lose that high… EVER… So when it ends, and it WILL END, you will be crushed emotionally and spend thousands of dollars for a therapist (that’s if you have any money left) just to get through it. And let’s not forget that according to the ‘Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’, the rate at which women are committing suicide is growing faster than men in every age group, and is the greatest among middle-aged women. There were six deaths for every 100,000 women aged 45 to 64 in 2014, a number that represents a 63% increase from 1999. During that same period, the suicide rate among men rose by 43%. This can really happen! Depression is a real issue with women after a break-up or after they realize they were taken for their money.

Finances because quite simply, he is after your money. He will have you so hooked you won’t even notice yourself lying in bed with him as he’s telling you how to transfer money from your account to his. He is smart and will take a little at first and then the demands will be higher. He will want his own Bloomingdales and a Black Platinum American Express card. And inside you know that something isn’t right but you choose to ignore it. You also know why he’s doing it but you won’t care because he has you feeling so high on life. Let’s not pretend and ALWAYS pay attention to your GUT Feeling because it is an internal warning something is not right.

Self-Esteem because after he takes all your money, your self-esteem will go right in the toilet because you will HATE yourself for being taken. And, trying to sue a GIGOLO? Go ahead, I have watched many Judge Judy shows where the women NEVER win because she just laughs at you on National Television and tell you to not be so S-T-U-P-I-D! However; there have been some good outcomes for women suing for being taken. See below link by ABC News.

  1. He is REALLY Outstanding at SEX

Gigolos are Professional Sex Partners. He will find what makes you tick because number one, he has had much practice and two because it is in his best interests to satisfy you. Good for you, BETTER for him…  I would put him up there in comparison to the best paid hooker/escort on the street. Remember, you work for a living so he has a lot of FREE time to be with his other victims and let’s face it, since he is much younger, he has a lot of stamina. He can perform several times a day without question and you will not even be aware of it.

Let’s be smart here and REALIZE that he probably doesn’t use protection so your chances of contracting an STD are very HIGH, after all, he will have you CONVINCED that you are the only one he’s sleeping with so why would you need protection?

According to the ‘Benjamin Rose Institute on Aging’, It may strike some as surprising, but the rates of sexually transmitted disease (STD) in older adults are rising. Older people who are sexually active may be at risk for diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydial infection, genital herpes, hepatitis B, genital warts, and trichomoniasis.


Almost anyone who is sexually active is also at risk of being infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. Recent statistics from the ‘Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’ (CDC) have shown that the number of new HIV infections is actually growing faster in individuals over 50 than in people 40 years and under, and HIV may just be the tip of the iceberg.

It is essential that older adults and their caregivers get educated about the risks of STDs. Age does not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. America is also experiencing a high mid-life divorce rate. Consequently, older adults are looking for dates online, which lowers the chance that they know the background and sexual history of people they are dating. Older adults are less likely to perceive themselves at risk.

Many current older adults may have missed the boat when it came to safe sex education. Safe sex and STD prevention education became prevalent in the 1980s when HIV/AIDS was discovered. During that time period, many current older adults were married and middle aged and missed the education that was then directed to youth. The times are truly different for older adults. Women are postmenopausal, so they do not worry about getting pregnant. Women also outnumber men, so the women are more eager to please their partners. That said, men of this generation typically call the shots; for example, men do not prefer wearing condoms.

Older adults are more likely receive diagnosis of a STD when it is too late and then aren’t able to benefit from the medications available for treatment of the diseases in the early stages. Many older adults are embarrassed to ask to be tested for STDs. Many other STDs do not have symptoms, so many people don’t realize they are infected until serious and possibly permanent damage has occurred. This is commonly the case with HIV/AIDS in older adults. Doctors may also misdiagnose early symptoms of HIV infection – fatigue, weakness, and memory changes – as normal signs of aging. The patients themselves may also disregard these symptoms for the same reason. Older adults who have been diagnosed with full-blown AIDS have higher death rates possibly because of complicating problems like heart disease, diabetes, or an aging immune system.


A Gigolo will not pull out his wallet to pay for anything. Immediately, when you make your first arrangement to meet and have sex, he will ask you to pay his airfare, or even ask for an expensive Uber ride in the Black Car to come to your place. If he is flying from out of state, he will demand you pay for his airfare and he will insist on flying first class. He will also demand that while he is there, you will pay all expenses including Hotel (if needed) food, entertainment and possibly a shopping spree for him. After all he will tell you that what you will get in return will far more exceed what you are paying for. After the first mattress dance, he would have done everything in his power to satisfy you sexually while telling you how beautiful you are. This is all to convince you that he is worth the money.

He may even mention that he loves where you live and wouldn’t it be great to be able to have this great sex every night? HINT – He’s ready to move in especially if he is in your beach-house with all your hard earned money and expensive cars he could be driving around in. He is probably from an area where he has no access to these things but will not tell you that. He will convince you that this is YOUR idea for him to move on in. Pretty soon he will be driving your Porsche or have you down to the European Car Company to buy him his own, after all, why should you give up yours, when you can just get him his own? SMH… This is so hard to believe but trust me when I tell you, this happens every day! Then of course, he will need a Personal Trainer to keep up his physique so you will be getting him one for sure. All the while making your coffee in the morning, cooking for you and satisfying you sexually. Pretty soon this will taper off as he realizes he has you right where he wants you. Then you will need a maid and a cook because he will be so tired from all of his activities and pleasing you, he just doesn’t have the time to be your ‘Domestic House Boy’ but in the beginning this is exactly what you will be doing.

Then there is the family or sick mother or even child support that you will be paying for as well. After all, he cannot get behind on his child support payments and go to jail. He would just miss you so much it would be overwhelming for him… so sad….

In his mind, anything goes when he has you right in the palm of your hand….

  1. He Hits on All of your RICH GIRLFRIENDS

Once he gets into your social circle at the Yacht Club/Country Club, you can officially label yourself Outnumbered. What do I mean by Outnumbered? Simple, you have a few ‘very well to do’ friends just like yourself that are lonely and want what you have. Before you met him, they were your BESTIES!  Aka – Girl Time – It’s all about Bonding – Happy Hour – Who needs a Man?

After they see what you have, they want it too! Pretty soon they will be slipping him their digits and inviting him over when you are not home or out of town on business. Women are EVIL, especially if you have something they want. Why do you think plastic surgery is so popular among older women? They are very competitive against each other.

Once he sees a BBD (Bigger, Better Deal), he will be gone and you will lose what you thought were your friends and him… He will make the rounds around the Yacht Club/Country Club until he has so much money he will leave them all and go play with a younger woman his own age or younger for a while until he exhausts his resources. Then he will move on to the next victim and maybe even keep the younger one around…

My favorite motto I tell my audience and friends is ‘Don’t Advertise Your Man’. Women are sneaky and evil…  Trust No One! But in this whole scenario, this would not be a bad thing because some women will either take this on as a challenge (Seek Immediate Help if You Do) or come to their senses and realize he’s someone else’s problem now…

And the last thing I can advise you is this: Always listen to your family and good friends that are looking after your BEST Interests. You may be blinded and they will see right through a Gigolo…


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