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5 Steps To Becoming A Minimalist While Living Abroad



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1. Sell Everything You Don’t Need or Haven’t Used in 6 Months

Selling old stuff is a great way to generate extra money and reduce your travel burden. If you haven’t used certain items in the last 6 months, then consider letting it go and focusing on things you currently enjoy.

2. Pack Light and Limit Yourself to 1 Big Travel Bag/Suitcase

You can always buy stuff when you arrive to your new destination. Packing light is an expert tip that will save you headaches in the future. Limit yourself to 1 travel bag or suitcase. I recommend traveling with 1 bag and a travel backpack for personal items like food, wallet, etc.

3. Look for fully furnished hotels, condos and apartments

Getting a non-furnished apartment is cheaper, but that also means you must buy a lot of stuff. Choose a fully furnished place that already has everything you need.

4. Buy experiences, not flashy stuff

When you think about buying gadgets, realize you now have to store these new purchases. On the other hand, experiences provide a richer, life changing effect that doesn’t require extra storage space.

5. Create, Don’t Consume

Coming from most westernized societies, you are conditioned through constant advertisements to consume stuff. Instead, change your mindset from consumer to producer when you feel the urge to spend.


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