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5 Spine-Chilling Slave Haunting Stories Told By People In The Deep South!! Pay attention to #1,3&5..

The Deep South has a past that most people want to forget. However, given that thousands of people were beaten, dehumanized, and killed, it is a history that is difficult to forget. It might come as a surprise to learn there have been many hauntings reported in the area from angry spirits. From some of the tales that live on, these spirits are still seeking revenge. Here are 5 infamous hauntings that you should know about before visiting the Deep South.


1. The Ghosts of Georgia’s Savannah Harbor

A French ship,”The Grietely” pulled into Georgia’s Savannah harbor in 1854 to collect 71 slave runaways. The slaves were mainly Congolese descent. They slaves were rounded up, chained, and put on the boat. Many of them put up a fight because they did not want to go. When the ship began leaving the harbor, many of the slaves on deck were able to break free from their rope restraints and leap into the sea. The bigger problem was the slaves below deck, they were banging and beating the ship which caused damage. The ship began to take in water and sank because the captain refused help from the locals. Many sailors today say that when they enter the waters of the Savannah harbor there is a force out in the waters that pulls them off course. Others have claimed to hear voices in different languages speaking to them from the waters. Some people think that what the ships feel is the slave’s spirits in the water. Maybe the drowned slaves do not know slavery is over, and they are attempting to prevent the ships from docking to collect other slaves.

Plat Eyes

2. Plat-Eyes

You probably have heard of the Gullah tribe; they are descendants of slaves from the coastal areas of Georgia and South Carolina. One of the most unusual types of haunting in that area is a creature called a plat-eye, said to be a restless spirit that didn’t receive a proper burial. The plat-eyes come in several forms, one of which is of a humanoid with a single-eye dangling from the middle of its brow. Some people believe, that Confederate landowners who buried their wealth to keep it out of the hands of the Union, would behead slaves and bury them with the riches to provide a supernatural protection. In other legends, the plat-eyes are shape-shifters that take the form of animals.



3. Kingsley Plantation Ghosts

Zephaniah Kinsley was a slave owner. He was known for being relatively fair with his slaves. If slaves did as he asked he would allow them to have as much personal time later during the day. Kingsley later married an African slave by the name of Ana. But, Kinsley was not the problem. A slave who was raping and murdering slave women was captured and lynched from an oak tree. It is believed that his spirit still roams the area. Locals call him Old Red Eyes, because that’s what most people see of him, down the nearby road in their rearview mirror.


4. Little Playful George

Charleston, South Carolina has its own spirit that wanders around. The spirit of a young slave boy who lives on Wentworth Street. There once stood a private home where a bed and breakfast stands today, and little boy George lived with his family. George spent his days working, and playing by the river. But, George’s comfortable life didn’t last long. His parents were eventually sold because the owner of the house fell on hard times. Some say George heard his parents were on a ship and drowned in the river trying to reach them. Other people believe after George ran away, he was captured, and somehow eventually died. Somehow, George’s spirit ended up back at the home and wanders the home still today. He is know to still have a child’s playful mind, because he switches the lights on and off, rocks chairs, and opens and closes doors through the night. It is common when staying at the bed and breakfast to hear the staff chastising George.


5. Deadly Cellar of Allen County

There is a cellar in Allen County, Kentucky with an eerie past. Before the Civil War, there was a house that sat at the very same spot as the cellar. A married couple lived in the home, and they owned fifteen slaves. The slaves lived in quarters in the back of the main house. The slave owner would often take the slaves down to the cellar when he felt they needed to be punished. In the cellar, they were shackled for days until he felt they had learned a lesson. When the war started, most of the slaves escaped, but two were left shackled down in the cellar. The slave owner was so mad he shot and killed the remaining two, and buried them in the cellar. It is believed that the people who bought the home after the slave owners died had an encounter with the two slave’s spirits. The husband was found dead at the bottom of the cellar stairs, and after that the wife moved out. The house no longer exist, but people say the smell in the cellar is still around.


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