5 Smudge-Free Ways To Get Your To Manicures Dry Faster

Don’t you just hate it when you get a fresh manicure, and just when you think its safe to get your phone out your bag, your perfect mani gets smudged. I’m especially not fond of the look my nail technician gives me when I get back in his chair and ask for a quick fix.

I keep thinking, “there’s got to be a way to get nails dry faster.” So after a few trips to different nail salons, and many tried and tested methods, here are 5 ways that have worked perfectly for me at home and at the salon.


1. Double Duty Hair Dryer
Chances are you don’t go to the salon to get your nails fixed alone. It usually accompanies a hair change or spa date. In the case of a hair change, there will come a time when a hair dryer will be used – and that’s when you get your nails dry. If you’re getting your nails done first, simply place them close to the hair dryer you’ll be using so they heat can get them dry along with your hair.

In the case your nails are getting done after your hair, try standing close to someone who’s getting their hair dried or close to the dryer station. Heat takes away moisture and causes dryness, so your nails will get dry fast leaving you with smudge-free nails.

2. Water Cooler
Cold water is another way to get your nails dry fast.


After you paint your nails, place them in some cold water for a few minutes then put them in front of a fan. After you’ve used up a few minutes, apply a top coat, then dip the nails back in the cold water and then in front of the fan again. Repeat this process as much as you deem fit, until your nails are nice and dry.

3. Freezing Cold
This method can be quite painful, but the good news is you don’t have to do it for long.

After your nails are done being painted, place your hands in a cool refrigerator or in a freezer. You can take short breaks in between, but remember that the breaks might elongate the process.

4. Baby Oil Dip
I know, I know, you’re probably thinking “huh?” but this process actually works. After applying your polish, place some bay oil in a small bowl and place your fingers in. The oil gives you nice, soft baby-like fingers and speeds up your manicure process.

5. The Buddy System
I always like to go to the salon with a friend. Apart from the fact that we get to chat about almost anything, she is also my go-to-pal for 2nd opinions, assistance grabbing my purse, stopping me from buying things I really don’t need and more.

This process entails getting someone who will help hold your bag or even hold the door open for you, so your nails don’t get ruined. Another quick tip, apart from the infamous ‘blowing technique’, is to put your hands out of the window while being driven. Nothing beats the effect of fast-blowing air.


I hope these few tips have been helpful. Share some tips you might have when it comes to drying up manicures.


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